Saturday, August 30, 2008

Earth's Gods

when i was reading about the Irish Gods, "Tuatha De Danaan", i started to wonder if maybe the Nordic Aliens that some people claim to have seen could be those Gods. And also the Maya and Aztec said that there gods were white men, so what if they are same Species

Also i believe that the Annunaki could have been what we call Nordics. Annunaki were actually giants, i think that by calling them giants the sumerians were symbolizing the Annunakis power and control over man AND THEY HAD A ability of flight, i.e. spaceships. The Hittite Gods could have been Nordics, and Kulkucan/Quetzalcoatl of Mayan/Aztec fame was said to be Aryans like.

Greek,Roman,Celtic,Norse,Germanic and Egyptains Gods were all Nordic/Alpine Aliens.


conor henderson said...

The nordic , greek, roman, hittite , Egyptian gods are not aliens or any lesser beings but Gods actual Gods that's why they are called that and the Aryan like aliens are creation of them like all lesser beings are. You are extremely ignorant and havent read up on Celtic or any God mythos or theology which utterly proves you read wrong and ignorant and deceived from direct truth.

Repent the Gods Grewk, cwltic, norse, egyptian, roman, hittite, etc are all true Gods of whom created and judge all lesser beings and Created the cosmos and Heaven of which all lesser beings dwell and reside and when born.

Repent or divine Judgement will not only false on you but disgrace and shame and dark vision of your Aryan like aliens dying at divine Judgement will befall you and much more. Repent true Gods not Earth but all I Uverse and all Existences Gods open your eyes and pull you outta darkness like all lost humans like you are. Blessings and now change you're wrong very very very wrong.

conor henderson said...

Beings Categorized:

Absolute truth and eternal Fact (UNCHANGABLE)
Category Entities.

Supreme Beings aka Deities

God/Gods The All High ( Grewk, norse, hittite, egyptian, roman, celtic, etc etc.) Creators and Destroyers of all things lesser and existence itself.

(Unsermontable Gap between Lesser Beings and Supreme Beings aka gods)

Lesser Beings Supernatural:

Angelic Beings
Demonic beings
Ghosts and apparitions etc.........

Natural beings (Lesser of Course like the supernatural lesser beings):


Aliens - "the nordic aryan" alien beings of which you SPEAK and know NOT here.