Saturday, August 30, 2008

Earth's Gods

when i was reading about the Irish Gods, "Tuatha De Danaan", i started to wonder if maybe the Nordic Aliens that some people claim to have seen could be those Gods. And also the Maya and Aztec said that there gods were white men, so what if they are same Species

Also i believe that the Annunaki could have been what we call Nordics. Annunaki were actually giants, i think that by calling them giants the sumerians were symbolizing the Annunakis power and control over man AND THEY HAD A ability of flight, i.e. spaceships. The Hittite Gods could have been Nordics, and Kulkucan/Quetzalcoatl of Mayan/Aztec fame was said to be Aryans like.

Greek,Roman,Celtic,Norse,Germanic and Egyptains Gods were all Nordic/Alpine Aliens.

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