Friday, August 29, 2008

Nordic Aliens 5

humanoid in appearance, with pale white skin, colourless or pink lips, and hair that is either light blond or white. The Children have pale blue eyes but Adults have yellow, green, blue or grey eyes. They Adults are 5 to 14 feet tall. The Grey Aliens are there main enemies. Some Earthling that have seen them call them Nordic Aliens. They communicate with Telepathy but have learned Earth’s languages such has English, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, French, Italian, Spanish and Japanese are the main languages. They are enemies of some Reptilians but have became their allies ageist the Greys. Their main Planet was a Utopia but was destroyed in the Earth time of 1999 at 11:55pm on December the 31 when it hit the Sun. 55 Million were killed but many still lived on other Planets such as Venus, Mars and Earth, at that time it was 5 minutes to the milium it was nearly the 1 January 2000 on Earth. How ever more then 18 Million still live out on other Planets.

Venusian are that live on Venus. They don’t grow as tall as if they lived on other planets, They grow between 5 to 8 feet unlike other planets they can have Purple, Pink or green natural hair. They are enemies with Greys and Reptilians but are allies with Earthlings and Martians. Earthling have only seen Venusian Warrior woman, that is why they think woman are from Venus. Only the tall blonde elite Venusian have came to earth.

Martians are that live on Mars, They grow for 4 feet to 9 feet they mainly have Blonde, Red and Orange hair because the planet is hot. They are the Enemies or Greys, Reptilians and have had Wars with Earthlings in the Past but are now there allies along with Venusian. Earthlings have only seen Martian men but that was back in the 1800 that is why they think men are from Mars how ever in the 1900s they thought that Martians were Little green men.

: The people of are Fully telepathic and therefore have no need for telephones. There means of travel around the planet is done by a Teleporting tube system. are primarily vegetarians, but on occasion eat some meat. They have no medical problems for they control their health as they can Heal themselves. The average age of a is 800 years.
They had currency because they share the resources of their planet with all the people. All material goods are given to the people freely, based on their contribution to their society how ever in the Earth year of 1912 they discovered gold. When children are born into the society, they are taught for the first ten years to understand the purpose of their lives. The children then spend the next eighty years being educated in various occupations. In an emergency they will travel in spacecrafts to another planet such as Earth.

Moon eyes of . They are nicknamed moon eyes because of their White eyes. They have many powers and are not always peaceful towards earthlings, it is believed that if a dog or cat looks into there eyes they will become Werewolves or Werecats and if an ape looks into there eyes they will grow to be 50 feet tall. They were the only species of that went to Africa and Asia during the Evolution of Ape into Humans.

Blues: have Blue skin unlike the other species. They can also grow hair or fur all over their body. They can have Blue, Blonde, Black or Red hair along with Blue, Green, Red, Brown, Black or White Eyes. They are 5 to 9 feet tall. They can shape shift into humans and animals, Teleport, Super speed, Super strength, Telepathy, Telekinesis and Flight. Some Blue’s grew wings and became know as earths Gargoyles. They were once Carnivores but are now Omnivores.

On Earth: Thought out earth’s History they have visited. Europeans of their Decedents as well as the ones that explored the world such as America and South Africa. The lived in places such as Camelot, Avalon and Atlantis that can not be found on Earth today. They build famous thinks such as The Pyramids and Stonehenge they also help build the Great Wall of China and Eiffel Tower.

Mythic places

Atlantis-The legendary lost continent that sunk into the Atlantic Ocean.
Avalon- burial of King Arthur.
Camelot- The place were Arthur became King
El Dorado- South American City of Gold
Saguenay- Canadian City of Gold- The home of blonde people rich with gold and Fur.
Gorgon- Land of Peace, Gold and the first place the landed, later became home of Scandinavian, British, Irish, German, Romans, Latins, Greeks, Japans, Chinese and Native Americans. The home of Aryans, Celts, Vikings, Sumerian and Egyptian people as well. It is in Europe.

Shadowians: have long Black hair with brown, black, red, blue or green hair. They are Tan but sometimes have White, brown or black skin the only way to tell them apart for humans is they have no belly button, a flat nose and no eyebrows. They wear grey armour and Red capes. They have the power to turn into shadows, fly with and without wings and Pyrokinesis. They are the Enemies of All in the universe but once had an alliance with Greys and Reptilians.


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