Friday, August 29, 2008

March of the Titans

Cro-Magnon Cheddar Man: England, 7000 BC

Spirit Cave Mummy, Nevada, USA,

7000 BC

A blue-eyed Sumerian statue, 3000 BC The Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, 1325 BC

From the time of the emergence of the White racial type, their wanderings to the four corners of the globe, and finally into space itself: This remarkable story of human endeavor is without parallel or comparison, and is a story of awe, inspiration and heroism.

Female Tocharian Mummy, China,

1500 BC

Detail from amphora, Classical Greece,

500 BC

Octavian Augustus, Roman Emperor,

45 BC

Alexander Nevsky, Russian hero, 1240 AD
Most importantly of all, revealed in this work is the one true cause of the rise and fall of the world's greatest empires - that all civilizations rise and fall according to their racial homogeneity and nothing else - a nation can survive wars, defeats, natural catastrophes, but not racial dissolution.

Queen Elizabeth I, England, 1600

Napoleon Bonaparte, France, 1796 Thomas Jefferson, American Hero, 1789

Adolf Hitler, Germany 1940

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