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Nordics Part 6

The Earthlings over the years have called them Nordics, Talls, Gods, Space Brothers, Space Fathers, Space Mothers, Space sisters, Ancient Astronauts, Over Lords, High Lords, Pleiadaians, Ultraterrestrials and The Great Ones. The Germans called them Ubermensch( Super Men).

Humans were not created by Gods they evolved from them. The were created by Gods and when they landed in Europe they began to evolve into humans but their Gods made the universe and animals such as the ape that evolved into more humans in Asia , Middle east and Africa and in some parts of South America and Europe.

Storm troopers were specialist military troops which were first formed on the planet Mars. They protected the universe from the Greys. An army of 200 storm troopers landed on earth, in Germany 1917 they were there to protected all Earthlings from the Greys that wanted to make war on earth to wipe out everyone so they could take over. In 1920 they choose to leave earth and go back to their planet Mars after their was peace again however many stayed and had children with British, Germans and Americans even though their was a Great depression they had fell in love and had children that they couldn’t abandon. So they stayed. The troopers' most distinctive equipment is the battle armour they normally wear sorted into Colours of Martian Military Ranking, they beginners wore white, the middle wore blue, the elite wore green and the royal troopers( that fight not for there planet but for there king) wore yellow and were the best trained out of them all. The complete 20-piece armour set completely encases the body. troopers will sometimes wear camouflage armour to help them blend in with different environments. The reinforced helmet contains advanced breathing filters and became known as super gas masks. Visors protect the trooper against intense glare and gives them night vision and x-ray vision and also assists in aiming at moving targets. The helmet and armour is all bullet proof as well as fire proof, water proof and electrical proof. The boots can allow the with out super powers to fly, walk on water, swim faster and run faster. The armour also protects the Martians in hot or cold climates. The wrist guard also has a compass, a watch and a laser that can burns or electrocutes someone. And the gloves help the troopers climb, swim and fight in hand to hand combat better. The types of Storm troopers are Snow troopers, Beach troopers, Magma troopers, Dessert troopers and Sea troopers but the most common is the regular super troopers.

Standard/normal- Beginners, middle, pilot, elite and royal guard.

Crop circles

Both Martian, and Greys have circle spaceships that have landed worldwide on earth leaving crop circles.

Animal Mutilations
Is only preformed by Greys the believe it is disgusting and animal cruelty gone to far.
It is when the greys remove eyes, tongues, ears and organs. They also remove the hide and flesh of the animal. Some greys eat the whole animal and drink the blood but they have left it behind to scare the humans.

Abducting Humans

The abduct humans to give them a better life.
The greys abduct humans to experiment on, study and eat.

Ghost are humans sprits outside of the body but the Martains have technology to turn ghost back into humans or to live on their planet, the Martians have the technology to abduct ghost and that is what happens when a human or animal dies. The Martains then send the humans back to earth to live life again.

The Reptilians

They want to show the human race that they are not alone in the universe, but due to our hostile nature, they have decided to slowly manipulate our species so that we will be more open to their existence. They are friendly like the Human-like aliens but are not powerful enough and don’t have the technology to bet the Greys how ever have an alliance with all the Human- like aliens.

The Greys

They want to take over the planet and steal our resources. They want to rule us, eat us and destroy all humans and animals on earth.

The Human- like aliens

They are explorers and observing us like a scientist studies an experiment from afar but they do not harm as and experiment on as physically because they look like as and have the same body parts so they have no need instead they study our behaviour and how way of living. They are us as we are them, they want to protect us for being destroyed.

The Martians helped America during the Cold war to build a space shuttle. The Greys helped the Soviet Union. The have helped the rest of the Earth’s humans with space travel and flight. The Greys gave the idea to send animals into space for sacrifice but the Martians and Venusians disapprove.

Leaders of the Countries of Earth meet the to discus about the evil greys.


Britain- allies with
Ireland- allies with
Scandinavia- allies with
Germany- allies with
Italy- lost trust because they have an alliance with Greys in Rome.
Greece- Have an alliance with all three.
Spain- alliance with
France- disagreed afraid of the and the greys
Russia- disagree, are allies with Greys
Poland is split between alliance with and Greys
Turkey- alliance with Greys


North America

USA- allies with Martians
Canada- allies with
Mexico- allies with Greys and Martians

South America

Brazil- allies with reptilians
Argentina- allies with Greys
Cuba- allies with Greys


China are allies with reptilian and the
India- are allies with reptilian and Greys
Japan are allies with reptilian and
Korea - south are allies with reptilians
- north are allies with Greys
Vietnam- lost alliance with greys during cold war, new alliance with reptilians

All of the Middle east has an alliance with Greys except Iran that have an alliance with Martians.

South Africa- allies with
Egypt- allies with and reptilian
Kenya- allies with all three groups
Nigeria- allies with greys
Zambia- allies with reptilian

Australia- allies with all three
New Zealand and other Pacific Islands- allies with because of Britain

The people of Earth believe that if aliens are true then they should help and do every think but the aliens believe the Earthlings will take advantage of this and that is why they don’t appear to every one in the world and pick specific people of Earth. Some Earthlings will start calling the evil and that is what the Grey want even if the are just trying to help save the Earth.

Global warming on Earth is an issue that the can not help with it is an issue that earthlings need to figure out for themselves as the have not experienced it for themselves.
They believe they Earthlings need better technology but do not know what sort of technology as so they can not help. Global warming was created by Greys to destroy the Earth quicker with out the or Reptilians being able to stop it.

Greys are Communist and hate the Fascist Martians.

Martians are good even if they created White Supremacy as they don’t have Asians, Africans or any other race on their planet only Europeans so don’t know about them how ever in the 1970s they found a planet and started adopting all race to live on this planet in peace and to have a better life away from the greys that are stealing earth from them and are beginning to take control. By adopting all races hopping to make a New Utopia and Future home for earthlings if Earth exploded, they won’t tell earthling about there good plans just yet they greys might find out and destroy the planet.

They Greys try and make Religious groups afraid of the Martians and Reptilians and they and teach them that all Humanlike aliens are Evil. They make them hate each other so they can destroy each other. The Greys hate all Earthling races and try and make them fight each other. The Greys hate all politics except for Communism which they created and they try and make wars between earthlings.

Large Greys are not smart, political or rich like their smaller relatives. They are rather stupid they don’t believe in power of politics, money and technology as well as other things. They are 5 to 8 feet when they came to earth they were known as Trolls and ogres. Although normal greys are seen as workers and large greys are seen as Doctors and leaders to the Earthlings this is wrong the Large troll are fearful scavengers. They eat just about anything and are cannibals but the only think they don’t eat is fruit and vegetables. Earthling believe they wear robes, this is only if the manage to kill an Elder but that is unlikely because the Elders are more powerful and more knowledge able. They normally say on there own planet unless they hunt for food, like normal Greys they abduct humans just for food.

Lizard man or Lizardians are a type of Reptilian that often visit Greece, Egypt, Mexico, Brazil and the USA. They wear Silver Suits. They have Telekinesis and Super Strength and possibly more super powers. The Space Craft was highly polished , Mirror-like surface, which makes it virtually invisible due to the reflection of its surroundings. The Lizardians can grow up to 6 feet they are different colours but most of there population had green skin, they also have webbed hand and feet and a long tail. They visit Caravan sits or Trailer parks as well as Forrest and Farms. They are not known to attack humans but they might.

Men in Black(MIB)

Help the Martians and Reptilians protect earth against the Greys and other Dangerous aliens which want to destroy earth. They are a Top secret organization from all over the world, that started in the USA. They have advance technology given to them by Martians and Venusians but the Reptilians and Greys technology they have was ether stolen or found.

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