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The Men in Black are allies with Nordic but enemies of Martians, Greys and Reptilian.

December 31 1912 the Martians visited England, Germany, Italy and Norway because the Greys scared France and Russia that year.

The Greys started a Revolution in Russia and Communism.

The Greys attacked Poland and the Polish blamed it on Germany.
The Allies blamed the Axis and the Axis blamed the Allies but it was the Greys that started World War 2.

The Martian and Greys fought each other for millions of years and now a war between Fascist and Communist was beginning on Earth.

The Greys told religious groups about an Apocalypse that the Martians would create in the Future.

The dates were


But is hasn’t happened yet.

In 1930 Martians visited

They go to Britain wearing Blue
They go to Germany wearing Brown
They go to Italy wearing silver
They go to America wearing Green
They go to China wearing Red
They go to Japan wearing golden armour similar to the Samurais.

On 16 March 1915 in Ireland a Martian Elder appeared to children, he told them the year they will be teenagers the war world end, the Martian Elder had long blonde hair and wore a white robe and they mistook him for someone else.

On 31 October 1918 in England a Martian lady appeared to children telling them the Great War would end soon the children mistook her for someone else.

On 23 April 1920 in America two Venusian Men appeared to a Man and his boy, the were taller than an ordinary man with long red hair, reddish beards and green eyes with pale skin, the African Americans were scared but the gave them money and a book that thought then English how ever that night greys killed them and burned the book.

On 29 March 1930 in Paris, France a Venusian Elder stood on Top of the Eiffel tower, he had long blonde hair and wore a White robe however he was mistaken for some think else.

On 18 February 1932 in the Soviet Union 2 Martian warrior( a blonde man and red haired man) and a Venusian Elder ( with white hair, white beard and white robe) appeared to 10 Communist solider, the solider shoot at them but they healed themselves and the Martians killed the solider but the Venusian healed them. The three of them disappeared but they were all mistaken for some other people.

On 2 November 1935 in England a Martian Man and a Venusian Woman Appeared to a boy and his mother and told them the Second World War would end in 10 years and so the boy will have to fight but he would survive. Then the boy meet a little blonde girl that was half Venusian and half Martian, they became friends and later marry in 1948.

25 June 1940 in Norway a Martian Man with long Brown hair and a beard appeared to a Scandinavian Pilot and told him the War would end in 5 years but the Martian was confessed with someone else.

On 1945 in Germany at the End of the Second World War two Martian blonde men and 6 Venusians( 4 woman and 2 men) appeared to the people of Berlin and standing in front of them were 3 Greys this close to close meeting scared the Germans and then the Greys diapered. A golden UFO came down and the Martians and Venusians waved and flow off but were mistaken for some other people. 2 Venusians also appeared in England at this time and 4 Martians appeared in America. The 3 Greys appeared in the USSR thirty minutes later.

On December 24 1980 in American a 8 foot Venusian Elder appeared in New York he had a white hooded robe then he gave gifts to every one doing late night shopping and disappeared.

On January 18 1981 in Japan a 6’6 blonde appeared he was wearing a yellow robe and his wife was 6’5 feet wearing a blue robe with long red hair. They spoke Japanese even though they looked European they also had a white staff.

On March 4 1990 Two Martians appeared in London and then the next day they appeared in New York. There has been no sightings of Martians or Venusians after this day.

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