Sunday, August 31, 2008

Nazi Mysticism

Swastika- Symbol of Aryan unity( White unity threw out the World not just Europe)

Hinduism,Buddhism, Tibetans and Ancient China- Good Fortune

Buddhism- Peace and looking after Animals.

Vrill- sort of power or energy used to power UFO of Nordic aliens that once lived in Atlantis nd Antarctica, free from non Whites such as Jews and Africans.

Hyperboreans- people who lived far North of Greece. Their land was called Hyperborea, or Hyperboria, was perfect, with sun shining brightly on their White skin and Light hair( mainly Gold). Apollo, Theseus and Perseus have all visited the Hyperboreans. They had Large quantities of gold guarded by warriors on Griffins.

Spear of Destiny

Has nothink to do with Jews or Jesus. It was not the spear used to kill Jesus as Christains Believed but it was the spear onced owned by Odin, Norse God of War and Wisdom. This Spear was Called Gungnir.

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Anonymous said...

white are the ones who have been going all over the world to trouble the peace of all the entire world without exception, without exception.
Is the world,Gondwana(africa,asia,america and australia)where lives where free from any oppresor ,and where the so called white-man went to introduce his so called civilisation in which since, most of the humans are diying like flies every single day(white,black,yellow,red and so on.It is surely your agenda to declare your selfs as victims,have you forgotten that australia is aborigine,if they are to revolt againts what you have done to them hum???,have you forgotten that america was from the ameridians(Aztecs,Maya..)if they had to hate you for what you have done to them,asia do you know how many of them had died from your hand and some of they most important and historics towns had long been your properties (Hong Kong..),what if the Black had also to hate you for the SLAVERY and the destruction of their kingdoms while dividing these on small contries at the Berlin conference. i do think that we should now stop your agenda and tell people the truth.
we are all human and we are human because a spirit inhabit our bodies and when that spirit goes and is no longer in the body the the body become obselete,then being white or yellow or black or whatever you want or wont,is also obselete,I DO NOT THINK THE SOUL/SPIRIT IS ASIAN OR BLACK OR NORDICS and when you talk about alien nordics races, you are mixing up in the mixed up because your realy need to know first the nature of those beings,who told you that they where totally phisical,
3rd dimensional, so how can you talk about nordics race,oh you talk about looking alike,ok,did you know that the Bat look like a bird but he is not one,even if there are all physicals, so nordics aliens need body such as grey or any manifactured to be fully in the 3rd dimension,so that mean that if you are to look like them, this need to be on the soul level.IF YOU ONLY KNEW, FROM WHO YOUR SOUL IS IDENTICAL TO, THEN you would understand why all those being are around humans (Reptilians,alfa draconians ciakhars,demons,andromedans,pleidians, draconian workers and others soul-type beings, Hydro as Oxigo beings, as interdimensional ones.
so much is to share but this will eventually drow me in other subjects that Are not in line with the primary subject.
Learn to LOVE not to hate, the body is vanity. Mixing or not mixing race this child will remain yours.