Saturday, September 27, 2008

Aryan Kingdom that could have been Great.

The centre of this new order of knights, an "aristocracy of soul and blood", was the Wewelsburg castle. This was Himmler's “Camelot”, with SS commanders cast as the Knights of the Round Table. Rooms were dedicated to figures of Nordic history and mythology like King Arthur. Himmler's room was dedicated to King Heinrich I, founder of the first German Reich (empire). Himmler believed himself to be the reincarnation of Heinrich. Another room was set aside to house the Holy Grail, which was to be searched for all over the world.

In Central Germany's Alma valley, a striking 17th-century castle overlooks the picture-postcard scenery that stretches in every direction; jutting majestically above green trees and bathed in sunshine, it looks more like something out of Cinderella than a former Nazi headquarters.
Wewelsburg no doubt appealed to Himmler on many different levels. Originally constructed between 1603 and 1609, the Weser Renaissance-style castle was intended to serve as a second residence for the Prince Bishop of Paderborn. It was built on the site of an earlier Saxon stronghold; archæologists discovered a Stone Age burial pit containing dozens of human remains when they excavated the foundations. Nearby digs had uncovered Neanderthal skulls, as well as items of Bronze Age jewellery and other signs of early human habitation.

The surrounding area was similarly rich in historical significance. Nearby was the Teutoburg Forest, widely believed to have been the site of the legendary battle in which the united Germanic tribes defeated the Roman legions of Varus, forever establishing the border between the Roman Empire and Germania. Also, just miles away, was Externsteine, a distinctive natural rock formation that had been used as a place of habitation and pre-Christian worship since Neolithic times. The Ahnenerbe would later excavate the site, unsuccessfully attempting to prove it had been a religious centre of immense importance to an advanced prehistoric German civilisation.

The Kingdom would of had schools, university, castles and a Super Zoo.

Super Zoo with Animals from All over the World even Super Dogs( Dogs cross Wolves)
and Super Cats ( Ligers which as lions cross tigers)

It would Unite Aryans of Germany ,Britain,Ireland Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Russia, Poland, Czechoslovakia,Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, France, Italy and Greece.

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