Saturday, September 27, 2008

Nazis part2

The story of Heinrich Himmler's lunatic search for the master race.

Heinrich Himmler's hunt for the remnants of the Aryan race in the mountain kingdom of Tibet.

When Himmler set up the SS, he envisaged it as a knightly order to rival Camelot. Inspired by the legend of King Arthur, the pedantic bureaucrat with a passion for dress-ups and homicidal tendencies to match ordained his men as holy warriors at occult rituals in the castle at Wewelsburg. He even had a Grail room specially constructed.

Himmler founded the Ahnenerbe, the so-called ancestral heritage research foundation, whose specific purpose was to furnish a scientific underpinning for the Nazi doctrine of racial superiority. The Ahnenerbe was a vast organisation with thousands of staff: 100 researchers were employed simply to look at the role of the forest in German culture. Soon, sycophant scholars were falling over themselves to find proof of the Nazis' Aryan superiority.

Their quest took them from the lost city of Atlantis to South America. While simultaneously promulgating the view that the pyramids and Stonehenge were products of ancient German knowhow, Himmler dispatched explorer and botanist Ernst Schafer and anthropologist Bruno Beger to Tibet to find evidence of Teutonic superiority in the furthest corner of the world. Schafer and Beger tested the Tibetan nobility for signs of Aryans.

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