Thursday, September 25, 2008

White Woman that Don't Age- Bonnie Hunt

Bonnie Hunt, Irish, September 22, 1961 (age 47)

1992 Beethoven Alice Newton

Jumanji Sarah Whittle/Madam Serena
2003 Cheaper by the Dozen Kate Baker


Anonymous said...

Yesterday, I saw something very rare. I saw a fairly good-looking older (45-50) Asian woman. Although I'm not at all interested in Asian women, I thought to myself of just how absolutely rare it is to see an attractive older Asian woman. Say 50+. However, attractive older White women are not rare. I see them all the time! Asians age slower than White people up to about their early 40s, then go downhill very quickly.

Three days ago, I saw another interesting thing. I saw a very beautiful blonde/blue-eyed female jogging in the park nearby. I would say that she was about 17. She was roughly the same height and weight as most Asian females I see. Maybe about 5'5" and 115 lbs. Maybe a couple of inches taller, but roughly similar body dimensions. In a very subtle way, I noticed that she had a very slightly more pronounced muscularity. Not in matter, but in shape and curvature... than Asian women her age. Filipino Asian women don't fit into this comparison because they have Negroid Melanesian admixture, so it may manifest in a more gross female body curvature.

White women are more attractive, as a whole, than any other race by a country mile. However, this will not manifest in every individual, which is the great tragedy of our age. We MUST have exclusive living space.

Mafalda said...

Hi. I see the movie "Beethoven 1 and 2" and i loved to see you. When you make the movie, you were very young and now you are very differente. You are beautiful and your smile it to. It´s amazing. I don´t recognized you. I think that you are a person human. Good luck.