Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Blonde Hair Blue Eyes Gods

I keep hearing about children with blonde and hair blue eyes having to do with some type of alien connection...Does anyone know anything about this?

there is,supposedly, a tall human-like race of EBE's that have "scandinavian" features ie. blonde hair and blue eyes

of course there is no evidence to support there existance, only stories...

The latest theory is that blonde hair only originated in Europe around 11,000 years ago.
It is believed that women developed blonde hair to attract males, who in Europe at this stage were scarce due to the dangers of hunting.
The future of blonde hair is uncertain and there may well be no natural blondes left in 200 years.
As for aliens being a part of this, I believe is most unlikely, the more likely being a natural mutation.

What I know from my alien contacts is that the "Nordic" race is not a real race at all. It was made up here on Earth and became popular due, in part, to the similarities in description of two actual races.

One is a race of humans visiting Earth who look very much the same as we do, but their eyes have very large, black "alien" pupils. These beings are some of my alien contacts. They have the same DNA we have, and our race came from the DNA of their race. There are a few other races of humans in the universe as well, all much further advanced and evolved than we are.

The other race that is somewhat similar in description to the fictitious "Nordics" is a hybrid race created by "The Grays". That race is half human (us) and half The Grays. I have met them but I don't have regular contact with them. None of them live on Earth. They have biology unique to both humans and The Grays.

There were two races visiting Earth that humans call The Grays. Both were creating respective hybrid races with the use of Earth human DNA. Those programs are no longer going on due to the efforts of the organization of visiting races. One race of The Grays is no longer visiting Earth. The other is staying and now working with the organization. In fact, all of our visiting races are now working with the organization.


Anonymous said...

1. it is becoming excessively clear that people are ASSUMING a lot from a little.

2. Simply because you have blue eyes and blonde hair does NOT MEAN ANYTHING if its IMPURELY DERIVED.

3. There are true type blondes and blue eyed extraterritorials; and yes SOME human populations (formerly old english (500-1066) and cousins tribes existed. sadly, most of these have been genocided by the semetic asiatic invasions that destroyed civilization (2000-01AD) and still do (the nice semetics dominating the economy and commited to raping pure whites. these semetic types are asian - aryan derived historically; that is asian male dominated genetic sequence and aryan (rape victim) woman. this is a wrong behavioral sequence. as it says in TOBIT these types of unions always go bad.

the old english, germans were running away from sumer and israel and egypt (those were there homelands) they ran into europe and behind them came atilla; thats what really pushed the english into britannia. extraterritorial descent peoples have no ability to fight criminal native variant (that cattabilised their own race to effect a super hyrbid criminal sequenced enemy) as proven historically and now with the semetic strains everywhere using the asian and african native terrestrial as allies toward further slavic, english elimination., sorry but very few americans are english anymore; thats why this country is over; NO POTENTIAL> they wouldnt let the good leadership exist ; kennedy, bobby. they wanted an obama and a gangbang 'no law' state. even the messed up english mixed peoples see the problem.

you have to identify that there is a native type mankind that naturally evolved; blacks and asians; then assume everything else for ets; the redman, the aryan types; look at the blood types. true redman have O and true aryan have 0 asians and blacks and their semetic nonsense (wherin the criminal sequence dominates) do not have this type.

why the loss to the type a and b and a/b? there native mate. foriegn organism will find it very difficult to subsist in a non native environ, they usually get raped and killed or cattabalised. mr genghis khan was a violence of nature; his fathers white people priorly. many of the tribes of israel got gangbanged. look at atilla and satilis notice that name s (atili)s? same bastards. they did it by commanding the christian church and the abrahamic torah priesthood; they usurped the religions, then worked through hidden priesthoods inside and paid atilla and satilis and all these, their cousins to invade.

when the romans and celts germans fought for their racial existence; they switched tactic; from that date forth they worked hard to eliminate the cause of faith by beating your mothers in thename of jesus christ, to make it anathema.

this is the fact. read sitchin 'tablets of enki'
otherwise i know the entire bloodline. sitchin cannot tell you that one:) took me some time to figure it:)

contact me:

ps: if your smart and avow jesus christ; think about taking a journey to a moutain; higher then 15,000 ft. combined with the solar maximus (50% strongert hen usual) and a an incoming planet; and a sunstantive swtich in earth axis, and that the moon is going to be thrown off alignment (tidal waves higher then 40 feet and over.) and a realignment in the relations of every orbiting planet and the potential for a moonbang; yes the incoming planet has some moons; and these play a part in inducing behavioral forces.

if your really christian; you have the mark of christ on your forheadd; you won't see it. the ets from the homeland made sure to mark theirs.

all those going below in the bases:) not going to work. anyone familiar with siesmic forces knows that:) bye bye obama. and bush and clinton. they think they will come out alive. and do new worl order. as for israel? gone. vatican? gone. usa? gone. everything gone.

the new earth government is coming under the authority of jesus christ.

so pack your bags, keep some liquid capital; get lots of food and gets some friends whom believe; and when you see the signs; and you will; 'leave judea and go to the mountains' because the axis is going to flip.come the tidal waves, potentially a meteorite; its found written. that planets brining others things with it.

jesus never lied. told the absolute truth. sees the signs.

stop smoking, get away from blacks whom date white girls (thats a big no no; we all know that, same as the asian guy and white girl; these are part of the old world) and the damned semetics (there a doomed type)

dna determines your behavior and your ability to believe. the body developes the spirit.

see you in the new earth:)

Anonymous said...

oh yes, i forgot to mention what jesus said 'he shortened the times' else everyone would have died. he knew all along that the semetic types would have murdered us off this earth. it was a matter of time.

if your an O type you would have been a dead type.

Anonymous said...

"kennedy, bobby. they wanted an obama and a gangbang 'no law' state."

I'm not even an Obama fan, but your comment is obviously biased. Kennedy wasn't all that great either-just look up his bio-he's sick.

Anonymous said...

"get away from blacks whom date white girls (thats a big no no; we all know that, same as the asian guy and white girl; these are part of the old world) and the damned semetics (there a doomed type)"

I'm kind of confused. Why again? I see your thinking process a bit disturbing...And where do I fit in to the mix? Me being Hispanic and all.

Shane said...

How do you contact aliens?

Anonymous said...

You're racist and delusional.

Anonymous said...

Well, you're wrong, ''Aryan'' are Turks who lived around 10,000 BC. And they had white hair and blue eyes. But when they scattered around Europe they had sex with Nordic women, which created a mutation and is the blonde hair you see on Nordic women/men today.

THOR9019 said...

''Well, you're wrong, ''Aryan'' are Turks who lived around 10,000 BC. And they had white hair and blue eyes. But when they scattered around Europe they had sex with Nordic women, which created a mutation and is the blonde hair you see on Nordic women/men today. ''

How do you work that out? Turks are not Aryan and you said that they had intercourse with Nordic women......who are blond so who were the women you speak of that the Turks REALLY had sex with to create blondes? contradiction much?

Anonymous said...

Indeed the subject of the blond blue eyed people is not new. From my point of view in connection with EBE its a Nazi Myth.

Already during the century in England and Germany existed theological thoughts about the arian blonde white people and the sons of God.

As you can read in Genesis in correct lutheran translations, you will see that the Creation story says "Let us create man after our image".

From that it can be assumed that God is more then one. Indeed Elohim or generally the ending -im is used in hebrew for plural.

Further Genesis tells the story before the Noah flood, in that the Sons of God took the daughters of Adam as wifes.

Beside there is also referred to Nephilim. This term probably goes back to Lilith who was created together Adam according to very old hebrew books.

She wasn´t kicked out of Eden when Adam was, well and she counts as ancestor for the entire Babylonian culture.

So the bible pretty early states that there were sons of Gods, Nephilim and the descendants of Adam.

As you can read in the new testaments, it says that at the End the God of Heaven will rearrive with an Army of 10000 Angels to rule personally on earth.

More detailed is it described in the Book of Henoch, the first one who was taken to heaven.

He wrote about how Angels descended on Earth and how they build cities and took human wifes.

In his story Noah himself is described as white and concerns are made that Noah also was a son of God.

Troughout the bible you will also notice that all Angels are males.

In western Europe in the century established the belief in Austria and Germany, that the nordic race descends from these sons of God.

Well also in India they believe something like that. There are many Gods who came in Vimanas and took human wifes.

The Gods are often described as white. In India also the highest cast is almost white.

In the beginning of the 20th century many racial things were reported in Europe in the Ostara journals.

Later it mingled with the strong belief in Atlantis. The core idea was that it was a colony by a none terrestrial species.

The Thule organisation and the Vril were very active in that. They believed to have established contact to aliens via telepathic mediums.

The Vril was a driving force in rocket and airforce science. If you enter VRIL in Google pictures you will find flying disc designs.

During the 1920-40´s it was beliefed in Germany that an ethnic cleansing would purify the gene pool and that this would lead 2-3 generations after war to a reactivation of the godlike skills hidden in the genetics.

Often in foreign media you will find reports about the master race. The Germans did not believe to be the master race, but wanted to create this master race by selective breeding.

Nevertheless inside the aryan cultures you will see that there is another sub group. Those with green eyes.

Green eyed people throughout history are said to posses strong magical powers.

What we know from modern Anthropology is that in Africa happen from time mutations in form of Albinsim.

If you google a bit for african Albinos you will see blonde white people,some with red eyes , some with blue eyes.

Often they become victim of other Africans, who want to eat them or to use their body parts for spiritual rituals, because it is believed that these white people have special powers.

As you see even in Africa they believe that.

With view to Ebe I do not think it can hold. Even if we descend from a space race, they will look much different than we, because already after a few generations the genetics will drastically change due to gravity differences.

If we would build a colony at Mars, then 10 generations later we would not recognize them anymore as humans.

Maybe this is today the problem of world governments, maybe they do not recognize the Aliens as the Angels of the bible.

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