Friday, September 26, 2008

Magic Objects

The Spear of Destiny has nothing to do with Jesus, This Spear is really Gungnir, the Spear of Odin.

The Holy Grail again has nothing to do with Jesus, this is the Cup on the Round Table of Gods used by the Council of Gods that was a gift given to King Arthur.

Wayland is a Smith who created the Armour of Beowulf plus many swords.

the 3 most popular swords created by Wayland were: 1 Balmung- Sword of Odin
2 Arondite- Sword of Lancelot
3 Hrunting- Sword of Beowulf

Other Magical Aryan Objects

Magic ring of Odin
Poseidon's Trident
Mjolnir - Hammer of Thor
Iron Gloves of Thor, so he can wield Mjolnir
The Aegis- Shild of Zeus given to Hercules
Hermes's winged sandals allowing him to fly and ran at super speed.
Cupid's Bow
Shield of Lancelot
The Golden Bow given to Robin Hood( Prohaps the same Bow of Cupid)
Clarent- The Sword in the Stone which Arthur pulled out.
Excalibur- Sword which King Arthur got from the Lady of the Lake.

With All the Items together the Nordic/ Aryan Aliens will return and collect their gifts and also save Earth from the Jews and Blacks created an Aryan Utopia and Ending World War 3.
But This seems to be Impossible of some sort as they are spread out and the Trident is possibly in Atlantis. We have tried for many Years to find the Spear and the Holy grail however the Jews have confused us as many of us search a Church, we must not believe these Items and all other Items have anything to do with Christianity as they are Sacred Pagan Items.

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