Saturday, September 27, 2008

Christians stole Christmas and Nazis tried to make it Pagan Again.

Nazi believe Christianity as a "Jew-tainted religion," having sprung from a Jewish founder some 1,900 years earlier.

In order to avoid the label of "atheist" – Hitler having railed so often against "godless Communism" – Nazi officials developed the term Gott-Glaubig. But it did not refer to the God of Jews and Christians but a non-specific creator-god, a supreme being who favored the Aryan race over all other nations. Hitler and the Nazis Were Germanic/Norse/Saxon/Celtic/ Roman/ Greek Pagans plus Buddhist, Hindu and Satanist which all cobided to form the religion of the Early Aryans of the World and also the Nordic-type Aliens they came from.

The plan to take Christ out of Christmas was part of an overall program to re-paganize the German people during the rise of the Third Reich. The Christmas Tree represented the Yggdasil." tree of life."

"Gott-Glaubig" (God-Believer) when used rather than the designation Protestant or Catholic who were against each other and could threaten Utopia.

the assault on Christmas sought to replace the traditional Tannenbaum with the image of the Yggdasil, the "tree of life" from Germanic/Norse mythology.

At the center of the festivities should be the Christmas tree as the ancient Germanic symbol representing the Tree of Life.

And Also "The directive literally said the dead 'should not be subjected to the indignity of a Christian burial' unless he was a Christian," Rust said. "Clearly, one of the goals of the Nazis was to denigrate Christianity." however both Christian and Buddhist/Hindu burial came from Our Aryan Ancestors the True Gods.

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There is a good deal in Christianity that was drawn from the Hindu history, like the cruxifiction!