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Myths- A ( part2)

Areop_ Gaint Spiders

Arawn- Prince of Celtic Under World.

Arethusa- Mer Warrior Princess.

Argus- Hunting Dog, named after the Giant with Hundred/ Thousand Eyes.

Ariadne- Purity in Greece.

Aristaeus / ARISTAIOS- Best

Ajuna- Aryan Indian Master Archer.

Artemis - Pure Water Spring in Greek Myth, Twin Sister of Apollo
( link to website is on Sister)

Aruna- In India was God of Morning Sky, He was a Handsome Rose Coloured Aryan.

Ascanius / Askaneios - Greek son of Aeneas and Creusa.

The Asegeir- 12 Warriors

Asgard- Home of Aesir. Realm of Gods.

Midguard- Home of Humans

Niflheim- Home of the Dead.

Asgaya- Red man of Lightning. ( Rose Skin)

Ashur /Ashshur / Assur- Chief God of Assyrain God of Justice.

Ashvins- Aryan Horse Lords of India.

Astarte - Sky Lady ( Hair of the Sun ( Blonde, Red), and eyes of the Sky ( Blue, maybe Yellow, Orange, Pink, Purple, it didn't say Night Sky so not Black.)

Astyanax- Baby Prince, Son of Hector.

Asura- comes from Anceint Iranian Word Ahura ( Lord).

Atar ( fire )- Son of Ahura Mazda( God of Light).

Athamas- Son of Wind lord Aeolus.

Atalanta, Atalante; ( ' tireless'), Daughter of King Iasus of Calydon, But he wanted a son, so she was left on a hillside. she was living with bears into she was 3 when she was adopted by Amazons to bring up as a hunter and Athlete.

Parthenopaeus- Son of Atlanta and Ares( the War God), He was brought up by Amazons ( Warrior Woman).

Athene was Daughter of Zeus,the only child Zeus Trusted to wield his Thunderbolts. She carried a Spear Pallas and a Shield Aegis covered with skin from goats.

Erichthonius- First King of Athens.

Atlas- Son of the Titan Iapetus and Ocean nymph Clymene. His Kingdom Atlantis, A huge Island in the Far west of the World. It was as Large as Asia and Africa Combined. It's surrounding Oceans was so Vast in Comparison it made the Mediterranean seem like a landlocked harbour. A Flood destroyed Atlantis and now the Ocean Covers half the World. Atlas took revenge for the loss of his kingdom by becoming War leader in their battle with the Gods. When the Gods Won, thanks to the help of Atlas' Half brother Prometheus, they punished Atlas by Condemning him to support the sky on his shoulders forever. For a thousand mortal generations he stood thre. his back bent under the weight of Heaven ( Space). Then Perseus passed by on his winged Horse Pegasus and Atlas was turned to Stone because of the Gorgon's Head.

Atli- King of the Huns, brother of Brunhilde. Atli was greedy to own the dwarves gold for which so many people died for.

Atrahis- Enlil gave him Immortality and allowed him to be a father( Mesopotamiam myth?)

Atreus- ' Fearless' was one of the Sixteen Sons of Pelops and Hippodamia.
The brothers were Shepherds, and Atreus promised one day to give the finest animal in all his herds to Artemis. However when a Ram with Golden Fleece hid among the Sheep, Greed drove promises from Atreus' mind. He killed the Ram and gave Artemis the meat and bones, but he kept the fleece for himself. Another brother Thyestes stole the fleece to be king, killing his brother however Atreus was buried with Wealth of Chariots, Weapons and the Golden Fleece. The other Sheep then gave birth to lambs in Spring, however they all had golden fleece.

Atri- He was one of the Seven Seers. Throughout eternity, his task was to keep the Sun in the Sky , Preventing it falling into the darkness. He did this with Meditation and Concentration.

Atum- Egyptian creation God.

Auchimalgen- Moon Goddess of South America- Her eyes were Blue, Her hair was White however her hair turned red if there was a Catastrophe such as a Royal Death.

Audumla- A Cow in Nordic Myth.

Augeas / Augias / Augeias- King of Elis, Son of Sun God Helius.

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