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Enemies of the Nordics: Greys

Greys- AKA: Roswell Aliens,
Skrit Na,
Zeta Reticulian.

Skin- Shark/Dolphin like Skin. Greys are descendants of Dolphinoids( Humanoid Alien Dolphins) cross with Green Martians( Not related to Nordic Martians). The Dolphinoids were at War with Reptilians and the Nordics tread to Stop this however the Little 3- 5 feet Green Martians( Greylike Green Creatures) raped Dolpinoids that later produced Grays, The Dolphinoids had been send to Earth and settled in Atlantis under Nordic Protection into The Fascist Martian Nordics killed all the Communist Greens Greys making the New Greys angry and start War with Nordics.


Their bodies are usually described as elongated and lacking in muscular definition. Similarly, no skeletal structure is seen on a Grey the way it would be for a human of such a skinny build- no ribs, shoulder blades, or vertebrae are visible. The chest is so small that it seems difficult to imagine lungs of the human sort being present.Even when mere inches away from an abductee's face during the staring "mindscan" procedure, abductees do not subsequently report feeling breath or seeing the Grey's chest move from breathing.This suggests that if Greys respire, they do so in a way very different from air-breathing humans.

The Gray analog to buttocks is a mere ridge of tissue.No anal opening is present.This and other idiosyncrasies has caused people to say that the aliens do not eat however the Grays eat children, woman and animals such as dogs and cats. They

The Grays are scared of Pigs because they think they are unclean.


According to reports, Greys come in two distinct morphs that differ in height. The majority are typically described as being significantly below average human height between three and four feet tall (90 cm to 120cm), with little variation in height between individuals.The height of the taller morph is more variant between individuals.It is closer to typical human height, at about five feet (150 cm).

They also appear to have more authority than the smaller individuals within their social hierarchy, and are often reported to be coordinating the operations of abductions.The larger Greys also seem to be more recognizable to alleged repeat-abductees, despite their lack of distinguishing physical features.Abductees say that they recognize the leader of their abductors by its "demeanor."Their increased authority, height, and apparently more complex psychology have caused some abduction researchers to wonder if the taller morph is the only "Grey" type to be biologically alive and if the shorter "form" could be their artificially constructed robot or cyborg servants.

Sex and reproduction

Many reports feature nude Greys and despite being able to observe the entirety of the aliens' bodies, no physical manifestation of gender difference is apparent on any individual.[2] Greys apparently lack breasts and nipples, nor do they seem to have any external genitals.[2] Their lack of apparent bony hips and the shapelessness of their body bolster perceptions of androgyny.[2]

Despite the lack of physical expression of gender, abductees report being mysteriously conscious of genders among their abductors.[2] Sometimes their perception of gender is based on interpreting the behavior of individual abductors through the lense of human gender ideas and sometimes their perception seems intuitive.[2]


The Jewish Kabalistic work Chesed L'Avraham by Rabbi Abraham Azulai (1570-1643) describes a race of demonic beings that live under the earth, based on a passage in the Zohar, which are described by Rabbi Azulai to be similar to the Greys.

The Jews were the First to have contact with these aliens because the Grays injected Naked mole rats with Nordic Alien Blood which created the Rats to evolve under Yahweh the High Grey's orders to find out to destroy the White Race. It is also believed that because the Jews are Weak, they Grays injected Apes/Monkies to create Blacks, Hispanic, Arabs and Asians

Greys love Anal Probe,.

  • Height of 3-1/2 to 4-1/2 feet (1.1 to 1.3 m) with a weight of approximately 40 pounds (18 kg).
  • Two round eyes without pupils with heavy brow ridge. Eyes described variously as large, almond-shaped, elongated, sunken/deep set, far apart, slightly slanted, appearing "Oriental" or "Mongoloid."
  • The head was large by human standards for the size of the body. It is often described as "pear-shaped." X-ray revealed a human-like mandible, maxilla, and other cranial bone structure.
  • No ear lobes or protruding flesh beyond holes on each side of head.
  • Vague nose, two holes with only a slight protuberance.
  • Mouth a small "slit" without lips, opening into a small cavity. Mouth appears not to function for communication or food ingestion. There is only a hint of a tongue. There are no teeth. There is a membrane at the back of the mouth separating it from what would be the digestive tract. However, there is no digestive system or GI tract.
  • Neck is thin, sometimes not visible because of garments.
  • Head generally described as hairless, sometimes a slight fuzz. Bodies are hairless
  • Torso is small and thin. In most instances, the body was observed wearing a metallic but flexible garment.
  • Arms are described as long, thin, and reaching down to the knee section. The legs are short and thin.
  • Hand is generally described with four fingers and no thumb with slight webbing between fingers. Two fingers appear longer than the others. Sometimes fingernails are reported.
  • Skin variously reported as beige, tan, brown, tannish, pinkish, or bluish gray. Texture is scaly or reptilian, elastic and mobile over smooth muscle or skeletal tissue. No striated muscle.
  • There are either no reproductive organs or atrophied reproductive organs.

Zeta Reticuli (ζ Ret / ζ Reticuli) is a binary star system located about 39 light years away from Earth. It is located in the constellation Reticulum, and is visible to the unaided eye under very dark skies. Because of the southerly location of the system, it is not visible north of the tropics.

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