Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Some story about Natla some blue eyed, blonde.

Natla, Blue Eyes, Blonde Hair?
I was replaying TRA and i noticed something somewhat peculiar and perhaps a little strange.

(To sum it all up without meaning to be insensitive in any way, sorry in advance if you believe so.)

Natla had Blue Eyes and Blonde Hair, this got me thinking of an article i read a while back on the connection of Atlantis and that of Nazi Archaeology, the Nazi's were completely immersed in the idea of a superior race. That of the Aryans whom have been portrayed as characters with Blonde hair and blue eyes

They used archaeological propaganda to its full extent, part of the reason they justified invading Poland was because they found a pot with a swastika on it.

In any case they went above and beyond to propagate a myth that the Aryans were the descendent's of Atlantis, they even went as far as Tibet, a region of the world in which the swastika is prominent and searched for Atlantis.

A large number of ancient gods had blonde hair and blue eyes, it is nothing to do with Nazi propaganda, the myths were around long before the first Nazi took a wrong step. There are also gods with brown hair and eyes, in TRA we have one brown haired blue eyed, one blonde haired blue eyed and one completely different to any other being, all are Atlantean. The Nazi's believed lots of things, most of which had nothing to do with reality, the kind of thinking expressed in your post is just as logical as that expressed by the Nazi beliefs, you singled out Natla because she fitted in with your theory and ignored the other 2, please do not associate our beloved game with such things.

The swastika was around long before Germany and it's Nazi's, like most things they just twisted it to suit their purpose and justify the evil they did. If Crystal Dynamics are planning on associating Natla with anything it would be the ancient gods, not some modern group of fanatics or their beliefs, there are many blonde haired blue eyed peoples in the world, no they do not all try to take over the world.

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