Monday, September 22, 2008

When the Gods Return

: The Animals will Talk again remembering now that their Freinds have Come to Help them from Abuse.

: Utopia for Aryan White People, They will Breed again, Blondes,Red, Brunnette hair with Blue,Green, Gray or Brown eyes just for White People of the Nordic or Alpine Race.

: Jews will hide in Fear and return to the sewers.

: Black will try to Fight, but no one can hurt a God, only the Dumb Blacks think they can Win.

:Hispanics will return to their Countries

:Muslims will be Destoryed, End of Terriorism.

: Asians will Fear to eat Dogs,Cats, ,Whales, Apes or Tigers and will make a Three way Alliance with Whites and Animals against Blacks and Jews.

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