Friday, September 5, 2008

White Lady of Brandberg

The White Lady is a rock painting, located on a panel, also depicting other art work, on a small rock overhang, deep within Brandberg Mountain. The giant granite monolith located in Damaraland and called 'The Brandberg' is Namibia's highest mountain..

Archaeologists have long argued over the origins of the painting. It was discovered in 1918 by Reinhard Maack, a German explorer and scientist, working as surveyor at this time. Maack was at the time convinced that the panel shows a warrior. That interpretation was already forgotten when Henri Breuil (1877-1961) rediscoverd the White Lady and gave it a totally different intent. He saw analogies to Greek paintings on Creta. The White Lady has been controversially dated at about 20,000 years old. The discovery in Southern Africa of an ancient rock painting, supposedly of European (or as was more specifically speculated, Mediterranean origin), and of this age meant that the whole theory of the "cradle of civilization" being in east or central Africa was thrown into chaos. Some modern archaeologists have suggested that this theory is incorrect and have attributed the art to the indigenous people of Southern Africa, the Bushmen.

To reach The White Lady it is necessary to hike for about 40 minutes over rough terrain, along the ancient watercourses contained within the mountain.

Some other Myths : The White People Domesticated Lions, White Lions, Wild Dogs and many other Animals as pets.

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