Sunday, September 7, 2008

Myths- A ( part 3/ Final)

Aulanerk- Artic/ Eskimo Myth, Frolicked in his Sea Kingdom, basking in its waters and his movements warmed the water, kept back the Ice and gave fisherman safe Sailing home. Tall, Snow Hair( white) in Winter, Green in Spring, Blonde in Summer and Red in Autumn, however in the Water he is at full power and has Blue hair plus Ocean Eyes( Blue).

-( Autolykos, ' Lone Wolf ' ) was son of Hermes, in Greek myth, he was a bandit leader and cattle rustler. He used magic to steal cattle however he gave Milk and Meat to the Poor.
Blue eyes, Yellow/Gold/Brown ( Dark Blonde) hair.

Avalokiteshvara- 'He who looks down.', the Compassionate- Aryan of India.

Spyan- ras- gzig_ Avalokiteshvara's brother, living to Tibet, Sun Haired.

Guan Yin- Sister of Avalokiteshvara, she lives in China, The Yellow/ sun or Gold haired.

Avalon- ( Apple- Isle) legendary Island, Where apples of Immortality grew, Land of Elves.

Aywell- Protector of North of England and Scotland.

Azhi Dahaka- A Dragon of Ancient Iran.

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