Friday, October 3, 2008

Adolf and Eva Hitler, a true love story

Eva Braun

Blondi and a black pooch take Eva and Adolf for their daily walk

"From our first meeting I swore to follow you anywhere--even unto death - I live only for your love."

Letter from Eva to Adolf
after an assassination attempt on his life.

This is a true love story...

Eva loved Adolf
Adolf loved Eva

And for years destiny kept them apart as Adolf's work
took him away for long periods of time.

Adolf would telephone Eva every day.
He called her "my little one"

And at the end in the Berlin bunker, facing Russian soldiers and a fate worse than death if she stayed, Eva remained with her husband despite him ordering her to leave.

She was loyal even unto death.

Welcome to the trail of Eva Hitler,
Wife of Adolf The Great.

Eva Anna Paula Braun was from a Bavarian family, the second daughter of schoolteacher Friedrich Braun and and Franziska Kronberger. At age 17 she took a job as an office and lab assistant and photographer's model for Heinrich Hoffman, the official photographer for the NSDAP, Hitler's National Socialist German Worker's Party. It was at Hoffman's studio where she met Hitler in 1929. Clearly infatuated by Hitler Eva would slip letters into his pocket. Gradually a relationship developed between them which remained secret except to close family and Hitler's closest associates.

It was a lonely relationship for Eva who attempted suicide several times; however Hitler's personal staff looked down on her as self-centered and spoilt. She gradually improved her stature and nature over the years until she was viewed with approval by Hitler's staff and close friends.

Adolf decided that he could never have children of his own,
because the burden of following in his footsteps would be too harsh on them.

"I must write you these words so that you will not feel sad over our end here in the shelter. It is rather we who are filled with sorrow because it is your fate to live on into the chaos that will follow. For myself, I am glad to die here; glad to be at the side of the Fuehrer; foremost of all, glad that the horror now to come is spared me. What could life still give me? It has already been perfect. It has already given me its best and its fullest. Why should I go on living? This is the time to die; the right time. With the Fuehrer I have had everything. To die now, beside him, completes my happiness. Live on well and as happily as you can. Shed no tears nor be regretful over our deaths. It is the perfect and proper ending. None of us would change it now. It is the right end for a German woman."
- Eva Hitler ( last letter to her sister)


Aurora Hufstetler said...

my Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Dear Aurora:

Many even gave their lives willingly for Adolf Hitler's worthy goals.

Doubtless, without him, even more would have died -- as they did in shoals before he came, and as they've done against his will, beyond his reach or after him, and as they do today ...

For his own folk, Adolf Hitler has lightened a crushing yoke; only when his foes had him locked in, a one-off fight unfolded, which dragged so many innocent to their graves ...

Without such struggles, Earth would yet earlier have become a place of forlorn thraldom (than it is becoming, nowadays) ...
Amidst all these struggles, one of the most innocent preys was Adolf Hitler.

Many heartfelt thanks to the webmaster!

A. E.

Anonymous said...

I think Adolf was the meanest
man! maybe he saved a life or two
But do you know how many he commanded to be killed!!!! Yes i know 36 million people, and every single one of them is a life too many, they all had families too! It is just sad

~*NaTaShA*~ said...

im doing research on adolf hitler for a project.... i just wanted tosay how sick of a person i think whoever created this website is!! Adolf the GREAT are you fucking kidding me?? adolf the murderer or adolf the jackass but the great? get over yourself and get a life. i bet that if you were one of those helpless jews that had to go to a fucking concentration camp because of a religion you were raised to be you wouldnt be calling him the great!! i mean come on sending small children, elderly people and pregnant women to a gas chamber?!?!? breaking an innocent baby's arm over and over again to see how many times it would heal before it would stop fixing it self back together. that was one sick perverted jackass if you ask me... and i would like the creator of this website [dumbass] to respond if you think im wrong.... and give me your personal thoughts because i think he was one disgusting person and he deserved to be shot in the head no one in their right mind takes millions and millions of INNOCENT lives !!
p.s. "Anonymous" youre a fucking bitch how dare you stick up for that perverted man!! i dont know if you have children but imagine them being dragged off to a gas chamber or being starved to death... or working aimlessly just because the nazis thought it was funny... get a heart or grow a pair!! cunt!

hitler said...

I have read the Mein Kampf years ago. He truly described the conspiracies.
Today i open my computer and showers of nudity falls on me. Seems like every women of Euorope and America from 18 to 81 is standing with offering pussy in her hand. All the children save probably 3 to 5 p/c are illegal born today. There are sex relations between mother and son, brother and syster, father and daughter. And now the legal gay relation. Man has over passed the animals.
This man Adolph Hitler was the last holy man to warn the people of Euorope and Americas.
And don't you see his achievements. He conquered most of the Euorope single handedly. He made greatest expantion in industrial production in the history of Euorope and don't forget zero unemployment rate. He introduced modernization in every walk of life, in infrestructures, in science, medical, railroads, education, automobiles. He made the the economy cars for every German citizen, he made the messerschmitt-the fastest aircraft on the earth.
He was a kind hearted man because no cruel-one can make the paintings like Adolph made.

chrysalis11 said...

I agree with Aurora and Natasha...Hitler the great? U crazy? he was the one of the most perverted inhuman beings who ever walked the face of this earth. You should be ashamed of yourself for supporting the atrocities he committed. Killing innocents on his mere whim does not befit the title of a holy man. What "worthy cause" are u talking about? No"worthy" cause can ever justify the kind of atrocities he committed.

All that he did was perhaps cause the Germans under his regime to hang their heads in shame when their children questioned them years later as to why they supported this evil enterprise. Maybe that's why they did not teach about the Holocaust in German schools for quite sometime.

I would like to see what your reaction would be if your children or spouse or parents were dragged off to the gas chambers for no fault of theirs and gassed to death. If you would still defend Hitler's "noble" cause you must be f***ing outta your minds. It's the most savage most inhuman cruelty and to defend it shows how inhuman you must be. Brutes! If you can see the photographs and videos of the victims of Nazi torture and not cringe in shame or guilt, I pity you for ur bullshit and pray for your soul...God help you!

Anonymous said...

Throughout my high school years, I've completed alot of research concering hitlers lifestyle. From my point of view, he has to honestly be one of the crulest men who ever walked the earth. How could anyone consider him a so called "god"? He may have been a leader, but he actually led alot of innocent people to death. From seeing some of the actual footage from the concentration camps, I can't understand why God let him live. Hitler acted as though he were some sort of researcher or scientist dealing with the human body. He hurt/harmed and killed many innocent elderly people, children and pregnant women. How could you take a persons life away from them for no apparent reason? I guess it was just the raged, and evil person that he really was. He deserved to die a long, struggling death. Over the years, I've became fascinated with the background and history of his doings because I can't figure out how he became to be such a harmful person. I also never could understand how he got by with commiting all his acts freely. It's more than sickening to me.

玉 said...

LOL, the self-righteous, hypocritical, and narrow-minded people commenting here are unbearably sickening.

I can't resist commenting even though it's really late since the people's stupidity is astounding.

Pardon my grammar, I'm just a random 13 year old asian schoolgirl doing research

Anonymous said...

Hitler was probily one of the cleveist men that lived in the 20th century. that does not meen that he was great. he was probily the evilist too. I think if he had dode thing differantly we might be living in a better world today. also what fasinates me is that even today the world is still talking about him WHY ????

Someone of No Consequence. said...

Don't Judge a man before you do the research. He is fitting of the title "the Great", you inferiors.