Sunday, October 5, 2008


A civilization is disappearing before our eyes. A civilization that inspired the world.

While Europe takes in the rest of the world, who will look after Europe?

It is up to us to save our homeland. If we choose not to act, then this is the end.

It's been beautiful.


zuluking said...

I hope you rot in hell, for the damage you've done to humanity. Civilizing? yeah right! you bunch of blue-eyed demons,you exterminated other races, the Australian Tasmanian,Native Americans,herrero tribes of Namibia, and have done so much bad to the sweet african humans. Exploiting their beautiful land and people, and later pretending to give them independance, then by putting and arming dictators in power over an uneducated population, so that exploitation would continue and you could enrich your greedy selves,you bastards. Killing the lovely godly people, the jews! You race of murderers. I hope europe rots and gets destroyed by their own nuclear weapons! Then pretending to send help to africa as if they had nothing to do with it! Darfur,Rwanda,Congo,yeah they have something to do with it, the minerals of congo,the oil of sudan,the french interest in rwanda!European colonization was the beginning of the doom of Africa and South America unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Q. to Zuluking
Whom would MLK be without the white people?
A witch doctor.

Anonymous said...

why dont the rich african athletes and entertainers save africa??????????????

VikingLord88 said...

We killed a lot of people but never wiped them out as they are still here today believe it or not and don't forget that other races have done the same.

Paul said...

I have lived in Anchorage Alaska for 30 years , I use to love it here , just looking out of my apartment window facing the Chugach Range there is no question why I use to love it here , now Anchorage is full of Negros , Pacific Islanders , Asians and un-named mongrel hordes , after this summers construction season I'am moving back over to Canada , a small town in the far north , I'll come back to Alaska to work but not to live , Anchorage is turning into a shit hole , what a waste ! I pray for a plague to rid North America of the mongrel hordes in my life time .