Sunday, October 5, 2008

Poem by WarriorLadyPride

The Lions Roar...
To the bloodshed,by sheep the lions led,
Our people have been used.
Too many bloody wars,a nation led by whores,
Our lives have been abused.
It seems the warrior spirit has now died,
Seems the politicians always lie.
Once a window on our land,the people could see through,
Then a mist came,dimmed our eyesight
now the view's not true,
A web of deceit stands before our eyes
Corrupted maze of stinking lies.
How longs it been since you believed,
that you were worth a thing?
Politicians and their masters,
you are worth nothing.
They don't care if you just live or die
So long as they got their fingers in every single pie.
One day we'll wake up from a deep and dark forboding sleep,
And when we do I hope I don't hear
bleating as from sheep,
I wanna hear the lion stand and roar...
Go ahead kick down corruptions door,
I wanna hear the lion stand and roar,
Go ahead kick down corruptions door....

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