Saturday, October 4, 2008

List of my Friends

I guess i am looking for freinds.


Don't want people to argue though.

No Sexism- Woman are Welcome and need to be respected

No gang members or Neo Skin heads.
I am an Aryan that believes Whites should Act White.

Must have a Picture and Must be Pure.

I going to try this if it doesn't work it doesn't matter.

Please Tell me Your Country.

Maybe little about your self, family history?

Eye colour?
Hair colour?

You have to be over 16 and under 90.

but just give me like 20s

don't have to give me the right age.

I don't care if your gay. but No trans or Butch woman.

I don't want Crazy Religious people.
I am a Pagan and you have to respect that.

Just No Jews or Muslims, or anyone that believes Jesus is Black.

Your Sincerely William White.

Ohh it appears you can't post pictures only i can.


Anonymous said...

Hi i am Ashley Edison

Blonde, Green eyes, 5'6

my picture

Anonymous said...

I am also Pregnaunt

My name is Kate and i am a blonde with blue eyes, 5'4-5'7

me when i was 8 weeks pregnaunt

WhiteRevolution said...

88 brother from an Thraco-Dacian with blue eyes ! Wotan mitt uns ! I'm also Pagan ;)

GAEA said...

Brown Hazel 6'1
Soveriegn Citizen of the World


Peta Johansson said...


Thanks for making this blog, it was very interesting. My name is Peta; my hair colour is subject to change although at the moment it's dyed black (naturally it's blonde). Eyes are blue green and I'm 5'2".

You can email me at