Saturday, October 4, 2008

List of tallest Men

he White race are 5-7 feet tall.

This is not just the White race, but it is a list of Tall Men.

Ukrainian: Leonid Stadnyk - Tallest male living, standing 8'6"

China- Bao Xishun - Formerly considered tallest living person at 7'9" (236 cm)

Sun Ming-Ming - Formerly second tallest living person at 7'9", now third tallest living person.

George Bell - Tallest American at 7'8" in (234 cm)

Japan- Yasutaka Okayama - is known to be the tallest basketball player drafted in National Basketball Association history.The 7'8" center from Japan was selected by the Golden State Warriors with the 10th pick of the eighth round of the 1981 Draft.

  1. Neil Fingleton - Tallest person born in UK at 7'7½" (233 cm).
Gheorghe Mureşan - Tied for tallest in NBA history at 7'7" (231 cm).

  1. Yao Ming - Yao is currently the tallest player in the NBA at 7'6" (229 cm).
    The NBA's Yao Ming

    The NBA's Yao Ming

  1. Matthew McGrory - Tallest actor at 7'6" (229 cm) when he died.[10]

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