Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Perfect Aryan?

The Übermensch (German; English: Overman, Superman)

The Perfect Aryan Man and Woman is opinion

= Perfect looks- Example: Avril
= Perfect Body for man= Arnold
= Smart or have Great Ideas- Himmler and Hitler.

But Opionions will divided the White Race by creating arguments

Which makes as Aryans as we are naturally different-

Asians and Africans look like clones
Jews are only different because they mix race.

Whites are all Different Naturally

Avril Lavigne at a signing in Mexico, 2007.
Avril Lavigne is Hot but so All Pure White Woman are Hot

No one is the Perfect Aryan, we all are together and must unite

All Aryans are Perfect if they Act like their Ancestor Gods.

So I not going to give you a whole list of Hot woman and Muscular men.
Thats What Jews want us to believe that Aryans can be divided by looks, height, body type.
But it is About Blood Line.

Aryan men came in different Builds which i am going to investigate.