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Dennis Hopper on Sicilians
From the film True Romance; screenplay by Quentin Tarantino. Cliff (Dennis Hopper) is talking to Sicilian mobster Coccotti (Christopher Walken).

Oh, don't bother. I got one.
(he lights the cigarette)
So you're a Sicilian, huh?


You know I read a lot. Especially things that have to do with history. I find that shit fascinating. In fact, I don't know if you know this or not, Sicilians were spawned by niggers.

All the men stop what they were doing and look at Cliff, except for Tooth-pic Vic who doesn't speak English and so isn't insulted. Coccotti can't believe what he's hearing.

Come again?

It's a fact. Sicilians have nigger blood pumpin' through their hearts. If you don't believe me, look it up. You see, hundreds and hundreds of years ago the Moors conquered Sicily. And Moors are niggers. Way back then, Sicilians were like the wops in northern Italy. Blond hair, blue eyes. But, once the Moors moved in there, they changed the whole country. They did so much fuckin' with the Sicilian women, they changed the blood-line for ever, from blond hair and blue eyes to black hair and dark skin. I find it absolutely amazing to think that to this day, hundreds of years later, Sicilians still carry that nigger gene. I'm just quotin' history. It's a fact. It's written. Your ancestors were niggers. Your great, great, great, great, great- grandmother was fucked by a nigger, and had a half-nigger kid. That is a fact. Now tell me, am I lyin'?

Of course, the history lesson delivered by Dennis Hopper is not 100% factual. But that in no way stops me from finding the scene amusing -- and it is even more amusing when people like RM are oversensitive to it.

Quentin Tarantino on his inspiration for the above scene:

I had heard that whole speech about the Sicilians a long time ago, from a black guy living in my house. One day I was talking with a friend who was Sicilian and I just started telling that speech. And I thought, “Wow, that is a great scene, I gotta remember that.”

If you've ever been tempted to accept as fact "history" you learn from movies, here is a good example of why that's a bad idea. Saracens no doubt left some genetic imprint on Sicily (though I can't quantify the extent to which they may have altered the racial character of the island). But:

(a) Contrary to the opinion of Tarantino's Afrocentric friend, the Saracens were not (predominantly) Negroid.

(b) It is unlikely that most Sicilians ever "were like the wops in northern Italy. Blond hair, blue eyes." Sicily had genetic ties to the eastern Mediterranean and North Africa long before Moors invaded.

The actual racial history of Sicily

Here, a scientist recounts the population history of Sicily and summarizes previous genetic research on Sicilians.

The making of the indigenous population of Sicily entered its final stages during the early centuries of the first millennium B.C. in the passage from prehistory to recorded history. The first of three waves of colonization to reach Sicily by sea, the Sicani, probably came from northern Africa by way of Spain and later settled the westernmost half of Sicily. In the eighth century B.C. a second mass migration led the Sicels or Siculi, an Indo-European population from the Italian peninsula, to occupy the eastern half of Sicily. The last population to colonize the extreme western area was the Elymians, coming from the Near East, most likely from Anatolia. The marked cultural differentiation that this type of colonization produced between eastern and western Sicily is known to us from archeological excavations and ancient historians, such as Thucydides, Herodotus, and Diodorus Siculus (La Rosa 1989; Moscati 1980, 1987, 1994; Pallottino 1981, 1984; Tusa 1994).

Since the end of the second millennium B.C., Carthaginian or Punic traders, descendants of the Phoenicians in the western Mediterranean, established trading posts along the Sicilian coast. After the Greek invasion during the mid eighth century B.C., they withdrew to the western half of Sicily. The Greeks then rapidly occupied the eastern coast, leaving only the mountainous center in the hands of the increasingly hellenized Siculi and Sicani. The eastwest cultural subdivision of Sicily gradually disappeared with the spread of Latin language and culture imposed by the Romans (third century B.C. to fifth century A.D.), then again under Byzantine (fifth through eighth centuries A.D.) and later under Arab rule (ninth through eleventh centuries). From the Middle Ages onward, Sicily was spared further mass migration to its shores. Whatever cultural subdivision had existed began to fade with time (Finley 1985; Moscati 1980, 1987, 1994; Pallottino 1981, 1984; Tusa 1994).

Once the waves of foreign invaders had ceased, local movements of individuals or small clusters began to characterize Sicily's history. Usually associated with marriage, this short-range migration causes gene flow between local populations. Genes circulated within the same or similar gene pools and consequently led to gradual genetic homogenization of geographically close local units and possible isolation between populations at larger distances. For a better understanding of the phenomena, researchers have sought to answer two questions: (1) Do cultural variability and genetic variability somehow correspond to one another; and (2) are there any traces of the ancient cultural dichotomy in the genetic structure of the present Sicilian population after so long a period of mainly short-distance movements?

For about two decades Cavalli-Sforza and others have related the patterns of some present genetic variations to the spread of ancient populations [summarized by Cavalli-Sforza et al. (1994)]. According to this relation, Piazza et al. (1988), using some classical genetic markers (HLA-A, HLA-B, ABO, Rh, MN, KEL, and HP), seemed to have data suggesting a genetic difference between eastern and western Sicily that could reflect the early pattern of colonization by the Greeks and the Phoenicians. Guglielmino et al. (1991) and Zei et al. (1993) used rare surnames in an effort to validate the hypothesis that the geography of human genes in Sicily maintains the memory of the genetic subdivision of the island following the ancient invasions.

An opposite result was reported by Rickards et al. (1992) and Walter et al. (1997) in their papers based on 10 erythrocyte polymorphisms and GM and KM allotypes. In their studies detailed analysis of the distribution of these markers in all nine Sicilian provinces highlighted a more complex pattern of genetic variability within the Sicilian population than a simple east-west differentiation. Clearly detected in the extant Sicilian gene pool was a clue for more recent gene flow of people from northern Africa and the Middle East superimposed on a predominantly Greek contribution.

[Rickards et al. Genetic history of the population of Sicily. Human Biology. August 1998 v70 n4 p699(16).]


zuluking said...

sicilians are not descended from west africans mixed with europeans. They are definitely not tall,hairless,with beautiful smooth skins and full lips and linear muscularity,and wide,powerfull shoulders,and curly hair. The sicilians are nothing but a bunch of predominantly southern european short fat bastards with some admixture from middle-eastern and north african populations.

Anonymous said...

You seem to have missed one group of immagrants.At the time of the first crusade Sicily was a norman kingdom.Otherwise known as vikings.Infact the norman king of Sicily - Bohemond was one of the leaders of the first crusade and took Antioch

BlondieWoods said...

OMG, you're an idiot! I don't know whether to feel sorry for you or slap sense into you. The Moors were not "niggers". Look it up for real this time instead of making up stories or showing your stupidity.

rpirruccio said...
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Anonymous said...

you sir r fuking retarded ...first the frirst natives in sicily were the siculi who came from nother europe and thy did have in fact blonde hair and blue eyes.....then the greeks came on the estern side to clononise syracuse and they mixed with the siculi..( note that at the time greece was not yet invaded by the persian empire so we could say that sicilians r the true greeks in a way)then on the western side of the island the pehoicians came and tried to take over syracuse and failed and ended up being slaves..then these slabves built the waterway that gave water to syracuse from a place called pantalica..and the greeks ended up killing them..the the greeks were taken over by the romans which took over syracuse...( note that im talking about eastern sicily and i know for a fact that the oder side of the island was taken over by the phenoicians) than the romans lost interaste in syracuse has the fall of rome syracuse had no protection and the arabs came and took over but they never mixed with the greeks, siculi, roman population..but they took over mostly the western side...then the normans came to take over the lands from these filthy muslims arab pieces of shit...and killed the arabs one by one....destroing all of the mosques they built and building the most beautiful medival curches and castles in europe.. so everyone became christians and the muslims were all killed..but some converted so the crusaedeis spared their lives and they sattled in the wetern side of sicily in a city called the final conclusion is that sicilians r white exept for these people i just talked about which are hated bye sicilians and the rest of italy....note that these r the same people that migrated to new york because they were so hated by the sicilians...thats y there is a stareotype that sicilians have black blood and yea thats y we are really big christians in sicily and we came from all over europe exept for these muslim basterds.....and if you go to the middle of sicily you can find people with red hair and frekles thatcame from the thats alll and sicilians are indead white europeans

Anonymous said...

sicilians are spawned from niggers!!!

Anonymous said...

S. Italians are ME/euro mongrels like ashkenazis. That's why they cluster with them

They have heavy Phoenician and Pre-IE blood (possible much through greece pre-IE types). The Etruscans are confirmed to have genetic connections to anatolia, so the original people in the region weren't white to begin with. The IE came later and mixed with them to create the modern mixed populations. Anatolians and even Chechens/Caucasians are closer to Kurds/Armenians/Georgians than to whites. BTW, Armenians look like lighter than average iranians(basically like azeris who are turkified north iranians). None of these mentioned people are white.

Anonymous said...

Long live Sicily and the Sicilian Peoples! Long Live Greeks and Latins!

Long Live Hellenes and Italians.

Long Live Greece and Italy.

Long Live Hellenics and Italics - The first Europeans.

Anonymous said...


The archaic, native Sicilian stock is DORIAN and GRAECO-ARMENO-"ARYAN", fellow.

Race-psychosis, fetishism of mere totemic blood-line, is foreign to true Aryans and only usually found in backward Afro-Asian and ethnically fragmented racial communities...

If you really are asserting Sicily is "mongrel-Negroid", then the whole of Hellenic, Roman civilization and mythology etc. is logically "Negritude", realize that, yeah...? Fool. Sicily generated Western "Aryan" civilization and its history...

The original Sicilians are known to be Caucasian-"White" specimens par excellence - the Herculean-Dorian dynastic and patrician clans constituted the dominating strata not "racially" but organically, and even the putatively "alien" Pelasgian servitors themselves racially in no way different from their conquerors - these first Sicilians members equal to every other variety, of the wider old Indian-European macro-population.

There is nonsense about an ancient mixture or bastardy in Sicily due to so-called "Punic-Phoenician" influences - the reality is the folk thus designated racially composed con-specific "Aryan" genomes simply the ancestral, historical adventurers preexistent compared to less antediluvian fellow "Aryan" ethnic units... The first Phoenicians are known to be Iranian-Hittite "racially" and their influence in Europe is denied at cost of sanity...

Genuine "NEGROID" or ETHIOPIAN crossing was rare back then, as now -

The "Arabian" invaders of Sicily were BLOND BERBER "WHITES" from N. Africa - NOT SUB-SAHARA - and this "Arabic-Semitic" influx was limited to a genetically harmonious assimilation of con-ethnic "Aryan-Caucasoid" lines, at most, "Persian" - but the non-Arabic Islamic Iranian elites hardly resembled "miscegenation"... Remember where ARYAN comes know...ARYAN-LAND, i.e. I-R-A-N...? So the Byzantine-Medieval "Afro-Negroid-'Semitic'" story is not consonant with reality - myth merely - nonsense is just - NONSENSE...

The Negroid admixture ratio in Sicily is meaninglessly slightly more preponderating in comparative pan-European perspective - the infinitesimal impact unworthy of discussion, and generalities of wild "NORDIC" race-monomania, logically indefensible...

R, G, I, J, E and other expected paternity genotypes predominate in Sicily as in the rest of Europe - micro-differences derivative of variabilities of multidimensional causality (genetically-"racially"), these neutral idio-variations among cognate "Aryan" people, hold no meaning... Over-interpreted empty numbers, hardly invalidate the race of an entire people...

Where is "Aryan" definable, traceable genetically? Haplogroup...? Sicily is synthetic European racial substance, not "mongrelized" - the geography made inevitable a tendency to absorb the Mediterranean-Anatolian tribes and groupings - one cannot expect imaginary "ARYOSOPHIC" Hyperborean-Polarian gene flow every millisecond in Sicilian history... (Although "Ur-Aryan" Scythia and its "barbarians" indubitably are interwoven in Sicily's most primordial birth...)

Even the schizophrenic Serrano acknowledges "Semitic Jews" are only fallen "Hyperboreans" - take a hint, get real, Sicilians are one of the highest elements in European "racial reality" -

Nietzsche even stated, "the lowliest Sicilian is more manly and honorable than the the entirety of European decadents"! SIC: "...a poor Venetian gondolier is always a better figure than a Berlin Geheimrath, and in the end, indeed, a better man"!

Unknown said...

They only use the "N" word because the origin of the Moors was northern Africa. And the uneducated ass clowns on this page THINK if it's Africa then they are black. .... Wrong...

Unknown said...

They only use the "N" word because the origin of the Moors was northern Africa. And the uneducated ass clowns on this page THINK if it's Africa then they are black. .... Wrong...