Sunday, October 5, 2008

Wake up.

The future of the White Race? In 1914 33% of the world's population were white, today it is down to 9%, of that number only 2% are white women of child bearing age who can ensure the continuance of our Race. These are the hard facts, and if we fail to act, our unique species will become extinct!


Anonymous said...

The white race isn't dying, that's what you tell yourself every night so you can feel special from everyone else, The white race is as populous as the fucking mexicans. THEY'RE EVERYWHERE.

Anonymous said...


I'm a white woman of child-bearing age, and I'm not planning to have kid after kid after kid like a bunch of stupid Africans to "save the race". I could comfortably afford the children I have. Why should I sacrfice their comfort to bring 10 other kids into the world? Make sense, will you?! You sound like an uneducated fool! And stop spreading all these lies (as the ones on this site) and this outragous propaganda. You're nothing but annoying!

Anonymous said...

Sir, I totally agree with you.

Most of the info on your channel is 100% correct and I see you spent some time on a serious research.

Unfortunately, some people are too ignorant and stupid.. They think about their own good, about how to save their own ass.

I'll be honest with you, my grandpa was an east Ashkenazi Jew and he had long white hair and blue eyes.

Anyway....... As long as there are people like you, WE HAVE HOPE LEFT

Anonymous said...

You can not gain Hope with hate and negativity. unless you intent dark forces.

Love people for who they are, no matter their race. white's are not dying out. the only thing that is dying out is love if you continue on this path of hate.

there our many races of human and alien, some work for the light others work for the dark. at the moment you seem to be in the dark. please awaken love each other. build bridges not destroy them.

work along side real nordic aliens and others whom work with light. and again do not use their name for such hate.

much love & light... to all

ExposeThem511 said...

You don't know what love is. If you did, you would understand the seriousness of this matter. You certainly don't have a true grasp of history otherwise you would be in panic mode.

ExposeThem511 said...

You're a fool.

ExposeThem511 said...

The jews will be destroyed by God along with all the other people groups He did not create. Obadiah and Matthew 15:13.

ExposeThem511 said...

You are a fruitcake. You haven't a clue what love is and it isn't loving creatures not created by God.