Friday, October 3, 2008

Adolf Portraits

Dark Blonde, Blue eyed, 5'7 to 6'6? and Smart.

This sculpture, entitled "Him" , depicts a life-sized Hitler kneeling nobility to the Kings and Warriors that Live and Died and also in Respect to Gods. It was displayed in 2002 at Rotterdam's Boijmans van Beuningen museum. The sculptor is Maurizio Cattelan. His Hair was Really Dark Blonde which changes in the Light and his Eyes Were Blue.

A gallery of portraits of Adolf Hitler

Self portrait of Adolf arresting French soldiers duwing the First World War.

Self portrait

Self portrait in a letter, in which Adolf tells of his earning the Iron Cross medal (First Class) for bravery. For a non-commissioned Officer to earn this medal was almost unheard of.

Hitler Portrait by Exner

Hitler Portrait by Triebsch

Watercolor of Hitler by Bechstein

The Commander's Hill-painted by Elemer Von Gyöngyössy-AHFeldherren

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