Saturday, October 4, 2008

Viking Gaint

Johann K. Petursson — "The Viking Giant"(1913–1984)[35]

Johann K. Petursson, was born in Dalvík, Iceland in 1913 and was known as "The Viking Giant", and as "Jóhann Risi" (Johann the Giant) and "Jóhann Svarfdælingur" (Johann from Svarfaðardalur) in his native country of Iceland. Throughout his sideshow career he often dressed up in a suit and top hat, or his more famous Viking costume. While exhibiting himself in Sarasota, Florida he often claimed to have stood 8 ft 8 inches tall, but his actual height was about 7 ft 7 inches [231cm], a peak weight of 360 lbs [162kg] and he wore a size 24 US shoe (42 cm)--He was the tallest Icelandic man on record. In addition to being a circus performer, he starred in several movies, most notably Prehistoric Women 1950 where he played the role of a giant cave man. Petursson eventually retired, and lived out his remaining days in his hometown of Dalvik, passing away in 1984. Like so many other gigantic men he had back and joint problems. He is believed to have been married, and is known to have had one child, in Denmark.

Don't know what he looked like.

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