Saturday, October 4, 2008

Example of Diffrent White Race

Anthropological usefulness of Roman statuary

When Coon says "the well-known sculptures of Caesar, Augustus, and others [are] not reliable from the standpoint of accurate measurement", he means it! He does not mean for a clown like RM to cite the previous sentence, and then immediately go on to eyeball some photos of sculptures and claim they show prominent Romans "were predominantly brachycephalic". The three statues of Augustus pictured below, wildly divergent in head form, make this point explicit.

Augustus (27 BC-AD 14) : three statues, three different racial types

Flattened occiput; prominent nose; high skull. Dinaric?

Broad skull; wide forehead; short face. Alpine?
Prominent occiput; narrow face; long nose. Nordic?

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Unknown said...

Who's to say these people of high social status had plastic surgeries to be immortalized in face sculpture or altered by sculpturists