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Nordic Aliens and The Flavians

The Flavians are tall, robust, and light-pigmented. They have broad faces, but long skulls, being essentially a modern survival of the Cro-Magnon physical type.
The Flavians were tall and fair-haired -- unsurprising considering their family name is derived from a Latin word for "blond". Domitian is also described as blue-eyed and ruddy (Sieglin 1935).

Nordic Aliens in my pictures were in my mind over 6 feet, robust with light hair.
I don't know why i drawed them just for fun however i am not Robust like Arnold just Tall and Slim.

But as You can see These Aliens can be Slim

If we were talking about chess: The Flavians Would be Giant Pawns but with the power of a Queen .mostly using Spears and Javelins, No need for Shields, they were to big for horse back and i heard tall, robust men can't run or their legs will break because of their weight. The Flavians were Stronger then Normal Nordic Aliens and many didn't need weapons against the Repitilains or Grays. The Flavians also used Axes, Maces or Swords but not many were Bow men.

Some Flavians were Royal/Noble or Intelligent making them higher then a Pawn to be Elites or Kings.

Flavians in Mythology

Greek- Hercules and Zeus are Robust with Long hair and over 6 feet in some Mythology books.

Norse- Odin and Thor are 7 feet with long hair and robust in some Mythology books.

Flavians in Fiction

Hulk/ Tank Type Super Heroes

Broly( Dragon ball z)

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The Ancient Sumerians called them the Annunaki.