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THE Mediterranean race is short, gracefully slender, with an average height for the men of about 1.60 metres. The Mediterranean figure has the effect of a smaller Nordic one, the relative length of the legs is even more pronounced than in the Nordic race. On no account, therefore, should the Mediterranean race be represented as squat or thick-set; it is graceful and slender down to every detail of its build; and the slender effect is hardly lessened by the broad hips of the Mediterranean woman.

Fig. 53

Fig. 54 Female Mediterranean Skull, Sk, 75.84; F, 94.21

The shape of the head is the same as in the Nordic race; the Mediterranean race is, too, long-headed and narrow-faced, and has the back of the head projecting over the nape. The forehead, however, compared with the Nordic forehead, is perhaps relatively somewhat lower, and its backward slope is not so great nor the surface so flat, but somewhat more rounded towards the sides, so that it goes backward in a vault rather than in a plane. The nose is relatively somewhat shorter, and is seldom so sharply drawn as is often seen in the Nordic race; but it is likewise generally straight, or slightly curved outwards. The chin is less prominent and more rounded. The resulting profile has a softer look than the Nordic. If the Nordic race inclines to a sharp, bold profile, the Mediterranean inclines to a pleasant, agreeable, as it were more womanly, profile.

The fleshy parts show perhaps more of an inclination than in the Nordic race to a slight fullness; the mouth is perhaps somewhat broader; the lips are fuller, slightly more puffed out; and the nose is perhaps rather more fleshy. The skin is brownish, and gives the impression of a warm suppleness. The blood hardly shows through, so that red cheeks are not usual; and the lips are bluish, cherry-coloured, rather than red. The texture of the hair is sometimes smooth or sleek, but oftener curly; each hair is thin and soft. The colouring is brown or black and has no golden undertone, such as is still found with very dark blond hair. The dark eyebrows are perhaps somewhat thicker than in the Nordic race. The beard is brown or black, and fairly thick.

The eyes are brown to brown-black, and likewise have a warm colour-tone. The expression of the eyes is lively, bright, and merry.

Fig. 55 – Chile – South America
Mediterranean or predominantly Mediterranean

Fig. 56 – Distinguished Brazilian, Mediterranean

Fig. 57 – Corsica, Mediterranean

Fig. 58 – England (Wales)

Fig. 59 – Italy – Puccini, Dinaric Strain

Fig. 60 – Algeria, Negro Strain

Fig. 61 - Algeria

Fig. 62 - France (Lyons)

Fig. 63 – Corsica, Dinaric or S. W. Asiatic Strain


Fig. 64 – Rumania, Alpine Strain – Flat Nose

Fig. 65 – Italy

Fig. 66 – Southern France (Arles)

Fig. 67 – Spain (Madrid), Authoress

Fig. 68 – Spain

Fig. 69 – Rumania

Fig. 70 – Rumania, Dinaric Strain?

Fig. 71 – Southern Italy (Naples) MASCAGNI Slight Negro Strain? Jewish Descent?

Fig. 72 – Spain, Alpine Strain

Fig. 73 – Spain

Fig. 74 – Italy, G. Giusti, Poet, 1809-50

Fig. 75 – France, Th. Gericault, Painter, 1791-1824

Meyers Blitz-Lexikon (Leipzig, 1932) shows a Corsican man as an example of the Mediterranean type.

Meyers Blitz-Lexikon (Leipzig, 1932) shows a Corsican man as an example of the Mediterranean type.


Anonymous said...

White Mediterreans = stalians, spaniards, portugueses, some french, greeks.

But in Portugal, Spain, Italy there are also nordic features and dinaric, but less.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous Anonymous said...

White Mediterreans = stalians, spaniards, portugueses, some french, greeks.

But in Portugal, Spain, Italy there are also nordic features and dinaric, but less."

Yes. I agree. I'm from Puglia, a southern region of Italy.
My skin is white like the snow and my eyes are of a sparkling green.
I also have a lack of melanin...

Anonymous said...

How ridiculously stupid. I've been to Italy countless times, and there are many blue-eyed blonds there. Those Mongol genes from your Norwegian side must have totally diluted your thought process.

WhiteGoddess said...

Italians are 100 percent white. Maybe there's a question because of the ancient invasions. Arabs conquered Sicily approximately 1000 years ago and ruled for less than 1.5 Centuries with a tiny immigration from North Africa. Afterwards Sicily was conquered by Normans and Germans. The very few Muslims who remained in Southern Italy were killed. So Italy is one of the purest countries in Europe.

As for dark brown hair and eyes, I would hope so. Italians are white. Like brown-eyed brunette Germans, Frenchmen, Welsh, Irish and English! Brown hair and eyes originated in the WHITE race. Africans and Asians have naturally black-colored (no visible brown whatsoever) and black hair. The only way an African or Asian could have truly brown hair or eyes is if they have white ancestry somewhere along the line. Same way an African or Asian could have blue, hazel or green eyes - from white ancestry.

Maybe a better question should be posed to Scandinavians of Swedish and Finnish heritage. They have massive amounts of Asian heritage even though they are light skinned, blue-eyed blonds.

Anonymous said...

You mentioned the eyes are brown to brown-black with warm undertones. Oh, I have this one. I'm a color expert. Please listen.

The only way a person could be of warm skin tones is if they are of European descent fully. Golden or auburn hair or highlights on blond or brunette hair; green, hazel or golden brown eyes; pale porcelain, peach skin tones. Warms. So by you saying that Italians are warms, you're confirming their full European ancestry.

Cools, however, are Scandinavians, Africans, Asians and Hispanics. People with pale to deep blue, gray or black eyes. People with light blonde, ash colors and black hair. Pale skin to black skin. All cools. And they could be from all over the world, UNLIKE warms who could ONLY be European.

Redheads and golden blonds with green or hazel eyes cannot be anything but European. See! Hence, "warm" Italians = European.

Cools = Everything else!

You've proved the point!

Anonymous said...

Sicily and parts of Spain were colonized by the Phoenicians as early as 1000 B.C.

Phoenicians were Semites.

Descendants of the Amorites from Western Arabian Peninsula of the J1 Arabid Haplogroup and the preexisting J2 Syrid Haplogroup peoples in the areas they were known to have settled along the Western coast of the Middle East.

Their features are as those described belonging to the Mediterranean type. And may have had a thing or two to do with that.

UNnaturalBrunetteCuzTheyRULE! said...

You must be either stupid or ignorant. I've never read such a bunch of nonsense and I'm a second grade teacher so I read a lot of nonsense in my day. Man, get educated!

Anonymous said...

Mascagni wasn't from Naples you idiot, he was from LIVORNO, Tuscany

What about a little search on Google???

Hellenas said...

Answering to the question "are Greeks white?" YES, the Greeks/Hellenes are WHITE, some of us just are sun-tanned. According to the Aristotelion university of Thessaloniki, of Greek Macedonia, The Hellenes are 75% paleolithic in Europe and 25% Neolithic(meaning that half of the 25% came from Middle East/Near East and from Central/Northern Europe). ONLY 12,50% OF GREEKS ARE NOT EUROPEANS. As for the "Turks", they are mixed with us not we with them.

Anonymous said...

True White people are the Albino types...If we refer to white people as Caucasian, then Greeks are just as white as any other but If we base Whiteness solely on skin colour, that would make Albino people the only true whites as the majority of European people are not actually really white, rather a blend of olive and off-white...that said, the Whiteness of a Germanic or a Celtic or a Slavic, means what exactly ???

The Germanics were forest dwellers, the Celts an earthy people and the Slavs, well what of the Slavs, each of these so called White races are what exactly ???

Lets not forget the Greeks gave us the word Evropi [Europe] A Europe without Greek Hellenic people in it is not Europe at all, rather a place where a conglomorate alliance of the descendents of forest dwellers, earthy people and Slavs live in splendid isolation, these races do not mix easily with each other.

I look at GrecoRoman people and I see a certain beauty to behold, I look at Germanics Celtics and Slavics...a Whiteness so dull in comparison to the GrecoRoman People!

Anonymous said...

Macedonia:From Antiquity and Beyond

Since the forming of the Hellenes, a collection of 230 known
groups tribes and kingdoms bound together in common speech and common genus, who's culture and traditions so resiliant and so dominant...Other, lesser cultures willingly and voluntarily succumbed to Hellenisms superior elements.

Macedonians...Just one of many Greek Hellenic groups tribes and kingdoms:
The northern verge of Hellas, a relatively less populated area, containing peoples and cultures considered by most Classic Hellenes to be little better than barbarians. Yet, these northerners have contributed some of the most notable features of the Greek historical and mythological landscape. Here will be found the Macedonians and Thracians, the Epirotes and Thessalians. Here also is located Mount Olympus itself.

Macedonians have always been Greek Hellenic people, right from the time they first learned to read and write they actually told us they were Greeks in ways which resonate and are still apparent even up till today, they were Greeks and nothing else...Just Greeks!

About the forming of the Greeks [Hellenes]

The title of this section is The Greeks, and not Greece, since from the mythical days of the Argonauts to the present, neither the peninsula of Hellas nor Ionia and the Aegean Islands have been large enough to hold the far-wandering Hellenes. Greek is a language and a civilization, the Greeks a people; the Greeks are the descendants of all the peoples who have adopted and retained that language and that civilization from classical times to the present. Some of these converts to Hellenicism were inhabitants of Asia Minor, others of Thrace and Byzantium, others of the lands bordering the Black Sea, especially the Crimea.

Into the peninsula of Greece itself, many thousands of Slavs wandered as immigrants during the maximum South Slavic expansion; the Turks brought colonists, including many Albanians, and whole districts of Boeotia and Attica and of other parts of Greece are today Albanian speaking. Romance-speaking shepherds, the Vlachs, have also made the slopes of the Pindus their seasonal pastures. Since the World War many of the Greeks living in Thrace and Asia Minor have been sent to Greek soil to live, while Turks and other Moslems have been in turn repatriated. Despite these attempts at producing ethnic order, much Greek territory, especially in Macedonia, remains ethnically heterogeneous. Furthermore, the number of Greeks who live abroad, be it in Egypt, East Africa, or in the New World, is so great that the Greeks are still almost an international people. Many of the Greeks leave home to make their fortunes on less stony soil, but many of them also return.

It is inaccurate to say that the modern Greeks are different physically from the ancient Greeks; such a statement is based on an ignorance of the Greek ethnic character. In classical times the Greeks included many kinds of people living in different places, as they do today. If one refers to the inhabitants of Attica during the sixth century, or to the Spartans of Leonidas, then the changes in these localities have probably not been nearly as great as that between the Germans of Tacitus and the living South Germans, to cite but a single example.

Macedonians have always been Greek Hellenic people...Integral to the Greek Hellenic Collective of Peoples. Macedonians are Greek and Nothing Else...Just Greeks!

mkultra said...

As for the origins of the so-called "white" race, it can and has been traced back to ancient India,the home of the Aryan race. To begin with, their is no such thing as a "white" race as an anon poster has previously correctly pointed out. The European and South Asian peoples are part of the ARYAN RACE!!!! Lets BE PROUD OF WHO AND WHAT WE ARE!!!! Stop all this ridiculous hair-splitting regarding fucking genetic and morphologic differences! You are allowing yourselves to fall right into the hands of the self-hating liberals who are filled with "white guilt" and want us to fell that as well or the socio-pathic neo-nazis who have damaged the Aryan race almost out of existance!!!!! Reject the term white and reclaim the better title of ARYAN,which incidentally comes from the sanskrit Arya=noble!!!! Then ACT LIKE A NOBLE PERSON FROM A NOBLE PEOPLE!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm of Italian ancestry on both sides and 100% pure. I had blond hair as a child and white skin. I burn in the sun. I do not have brown skin. This is absurd. There are mountainous regions of Italy and therefore many people are very white. Many of my ancestors where blonds with blue eyes. I have amber eyes and now my hair is a reddish color. My family lived in Italy for a thousand years as there is a church that old with all our records in it and a town with my last name. I know where I come from and all my ancestors. We are not brown. We have long narrow faces. Some of us are 6 feet in height and have straight noses. I have a straight nose and a long narrow face with a high forehead. No one and I mean no one would ever think I wasn't white. It has never happened. If you bleach my hair blond and put in contacts, I would look Nordic. I certainly have skin white enough that I can't take the sun. You forget that most of Italy is mountainous. Not everyone is tanned by the sun near the beaches. North of Rome is rather white.

Anonymous said...

Give me Mediterenean over Nordic anyday.

Nordics are white Mongols. thats all!

If you gave them black hair and eyes, and stretched their eyes a bit, you would not tell the difference between Nordic and Mongol.

Anonymous said...

Being Italian myself I was sort of amused and yet perplexed by the anonymous comment from the 100% pure Italian dated in June. I hate to tell you this honey, no one but on one is 100% pure! If you were to have studied race or culture or history, you would understand this. Italy was invaded by many people forming what is Italy today, so your 100% theory is a tad bit wrong. My family too has been in Italy for years , and in fact my family is related to one of the popes (cousins) but so what! This fact that my family being in what is now italy
for hundreds and hundreds of years does not make me 100% pure! There are plenty of Italians that i have seen
not only in my family but others and in Italy that have a dark complexion, and I am not talking sicilian either! So it is obvious your hair is dark now and your eyes are dark-due to your last comments, I am not sure what you were trying to proove! I would agree that Italians are Caucasian people just as the Spanish, Greek, French... but that has nothing to due with skin color.. You can be white race and still have a very dark complexion with dark eyes, more than likely one of your ancestors from way back was mixed or came from another land. Ther is no 100% italian, Italy did not become a nation till the 1800s, so perhaps you have a
DNA test compiled.

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

Mediterenean race gave Europe civilization - Greeks and Romans.

Nordic race does not compare.

Mediterenean race is different to Nordic race - better customs - better looking - better way of life.

Anonymous said...

The original Mediterranean Indo-European settlers were r1a and r1b types. They would have looked like dark nords, with typical european facial features. Modern-day Meds are heavily admixed with sandniggers from both neolithic times as well as greco-roman times and later during islamic times. That's why they have hooked noses.

The original romans were white, and northern italians and romans to this day are still white. Southerners have heavy greek/anatolian, syrian and north african admixture. Greeks in turn have heavy anatolian middle eastern admixture (that's why they resemble turkified anatolian sand niggers called 'turkish').

Ancient Roman and Greek Civilizations destroyed themselves by mixing with middle easterners and north africans including anatolian, syrian, egyptian, etc. sand niggers. That's why the modern macedonians and bulgarians as well as northern italians are whiter than the southerners of their respective regions.

The ancient Romans and Hellenes would be horrified to see bastard syrian/anatolian mongrels called sicilians and calabrese and byzantine anatolian mongrels called greeks claim their respective lineages.

Anonymous said...

TurkoSlavic trolls come here to stir and to agitate.

Mehmeto-Goranic Abdullovic Monkeys!

TurkoSlavic trolls - yellow on the inside...Goranovic on the outside.

Anonymous said...

Mediterrenean males and females are much better looking than their nordic counterparts. They dress better also!

Anonymous said...

Greeks are genetically close to Turks. They are anatolian ME mongrel blood brothers.

Hooked nose anatolian trolls.

Greeks are brown on the outside and brown on the inside. That's why they look and act like turco-arabs.

Anonymous said...

FYRoM Turkish Troll-Monkey!

Go Home Kemalovic-Monkey!

TurkoSlavic little Runt!

Anonymous said...

Interesting how the whitest greeks are macedonians. The average greeks look about the same as Turks.

Anonymous said...

So we should really ask Hellenism really worth defending in the west, in light of recent attempts by Slavocentric, Afrocentric and Turkocentric cultures to replace it.

Macedonia is Hellenic - FYRoM is anti-Hellenic!

Anonymous said...

I see evidence of the West reasserting itself. I also see Greece playing an important pivotal role in that restructuring.

The Western cultural historical narrative needs to be preserved in light of the challenges that exist to replace it.

Anonymous said...

Greeks and Latins gave us culture and civilization but some people in the West, along with some Turx and some FYRoM Slavs have shown us that being uncultured in the classicist sense leaves open the path for certain individuals to latch more onto (i) modern-culture or (ii) foreign-cultures or (iii) FYRoM style fabricated-culture.

In the absense of classicist education, competing cultures are making their mark and slowly taking root...ousting the host-culture from default position. The Western Worlds Cultural-Historical Narrative must be preserved in order to stop the ingress of erosion from that now familiar competition.

An observant look into modern-culture - one can quickly deduce that it is based on material greed and which benefit only the banks, commerce and industry. Modern societies are becoming cultureless intentionally, in order that those interests get their way. Modern societies appear to hold banking commerce and industry to be the core fundamentals underpinning the values and ideals of modern culture.

A cursory look at foreign cultures in Western societies - one can see, that they are eroding more the host default cultures Western peoples forgot to upkeep, let alone, forgot existed.

So what is the West defending actually - the intentional slow erosion of Western Civilizations Cultural-Historical Narrative in order that Modern-Culture take root? Promoting the interests of the banks, commerce and industry only leads to modern-peoples becoming less cultured, less bothered in the core fundamentals that led to the forming of Europes common culture, a culture from a civilization first developed in ancient Athens and then Rome.

Promoting the now familiar Modern [[Monetary][Fiscal]] Culture, at the expense and exclusion of classicist education leads to more erosion, quickening the pace and accelerating the rate of decline of the host default culture...a culture Western politicians sometimes loathe to ukeep and sometimes forget existed!

Preserving the Western worlds Cultural-Historical Narrative must be made a priority now - Western Culture is worth protecting in the face of the now familiar competition...Modern-Culture or Foreign-Culture, or FYRoM style fabricated culture are just waiting to take over!

Culture and Civilization: These are important things for the West...worth preserving!