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THIS race is tall, with an average height of about 1.73 metres for the men, and gives an impression of sturdy slenderness. Like the foregoing, it has relatively long legs, while on the other hand the length of the arm in the Dinaric race seems to be relatively less than in the other European races. The neck seems to be somewhat thicker than in the Nordic race, the joints of the limbs not so small. The shape of the head is brachycephalic and narrow-faced. The cephalic index is about 85 to 87. The length of the head is only a little more than the breadth, because the back of it barely comes beyond the nape and, indeed, has the look of being cut away. The high back of the head is often merely the continuation of the nape. Many observers call the Dinaric head a 'high head'; and this popular expression well describes a head so shaped that brachycephaly is here combined with a narrow face. The narrow face of the Dinaric race is mainly owing to the comparatively long nose and the high, firm chin. The Nordic face strikes one rather as 'narrow,' the Dinaric as 'long.' The forehead in the Dinaric race is relatively broader and often probably higher than in the Nordic race. It shows, too, like the Nordic forehead, mounds over the eyes, but they lie lower down, so that the brows are often set on them.

Figs. 76-78 – Dinaric or predominantly Dinaric

Fig. 79 – Dinaric Skull with especially marked Dinaric nose, and especially steep back to the head, Sk, 84.21; F, 100.81

The profile shows a forehead that is only slightly turned backwards, but which, like the Nordic forehead, lies in a plane; and a nose which stands well out at the bone of the high bridge, dropping downwards at the cartilage, and which often makes a sharp angle downwards from the cartilage (aquiline nose), and has a fleshy ending. The Dinaric nose seen sideways shows more of the septum than in the other European races; and the septum is more arched.

The chin is high and also more rounded than in the Nordic race.

The fleshy parts show characteristic details. Mention has been made that the nose becomes fleshy at its lower part. The lips, too, particularly the under lip, are fuller, or at least broader, than in the Nordic race. The fleshy part of the lower half of the face had an effect of solidity. Among the men deep furrows from the nostrils to the corners of the mouth are seen far oftener than in the other European races. The upper lid has often a 'heavy' effect. It is often without that slight covering fold that nearly always crosses this lid in the other races, so that it often has a peculiarly smooth look. In the Dinaric race there would seem to be a particularly high proportion of fleshy and relatively big ears.

The skin is brownish.

The hair is generally curly, seldom smooth, and it is fine. Its growth is thick, especially on the body and at the beard. Thick moustaches are often met with, as also heavy eyebrows. The hair is brown to black. Dinaric, like Mediterranean women, have a tendency to a light growth of dark hair on the upper lip.

The eyes are brown to brown-black. The expression of the eyes has often something defiant and self-conscious, and sometimes merry and bluff about it.

Fig. 80 – Basel; J. Burckhardt, historian

Fig. 81 – Austro-Hungarian General

Fig. 82 – Germany (Upper Bavaria)

Fig. 83 – Germany (Baden)



Figs. 84a, 84b – Austria (Vienna) C, 85.50; F 90.4 (with loss of teeth); 75 years old; E, brow with dull blue outer ring.

Fig. 85 – Ukraine. Przhevalsky, traveler

Fig. 86 – England – Mediterranean Strain

Fig. 87 – German speaking district of Gottschee

Fig. 88 – Rumania. Nordic or East Baltic strain

Fig. 89 – Rumania – Mediterranean strain

Fig. 90 – Italy. P. Palaghi, painter

Fig. 91 – Tyrol

Fig. 92 – Italy, singer

Fig. 93 – Italy. St. Aloe, scientist

Fig. 94 – Germany (Bavaria)

Fig. 95 – Austria (Tyrol) Mediterranean strain

Fig. 96 – Poland. Chopin, composer. E, blue, H, fair. Nordic-Dinaric

Fig. 97 – Germany. Rückert. Poet. Nordic Dinaric


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Anonymous said...

Amen! People who must CONSTANTLY reassure themselves of how "great" they are,usually are not that great. It's funny and at the same time sad how some people try to make it seem that their "race" (lack of a better term)is one large homogenous family. When in fact color and skin tone may be the only thing they have in common. You have Russian neo-nazis but Hitler hated Russians. That's why Himmler being somewhat of a realist recruiting them into Waffen SS units behind Hitler's back. The English has shit on the Irish for CENTURIES. And that's not just for Whites. Blacks,Native Americans,etc. Just because you share a common skin tone or culture does not mean you all will think and act the same. And I notice this point ESPECIALLY with the so-called White Pride/Power scene. I notice that you people are always citing someone elses creativity. Like Bell or Edison. Okay. But they were INDIVIDUALS. What have YOU done? What contributions have YOU made? What have YOU invented? So you can go on and on and on about how "great" the "white race" is but YOU haven't done SHIT but lay claim to anothers hard work. Which is pretty weak IMHO.

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That’s not true. Chopin’s mother, Krzyzanowska, was a member of an old polish noble family; however they were poor. Her nephew, W. Krzyzanowski, was a war hero.

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First, being Jewish is no evidence of racial membership. Secondly Judaism is a religion. So the point is, color, skin tone and especially common (white, christian, westeuropean) cultural backround is evidence of superiority against other frameworks because it was prosperous and most firtile throughout history. In fact it is so firtile that even all other inferior cultures benefit from it.

Anonymous said...

I do not agree with the statement, " ...the point is, color, skin tone and especially common (white, christian, western European) cultural background is evidence of superiority against other frameworks because it was prosperous and most fertile throughout history. In fact it is so fertile that even all other inferior cultures benefit from it." Now, in regard to the quote, one could argue about what contributions have been prosperous and beneficial to not only mankind, but to the the entire globe (global ecosystem/economy).

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Dinaric race is even taller. Croatians, Bošnjaci, Herzegovians, (mostly Croatians) and Montenegrians are about 1,86 m tall for the man.

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Whoever did this is wrong about Chopin's eye color. His eyes were hazel with a lot of green, which is clearly seen in the portrait painted by his friend Delacroix. That first comment must have Chopin continually turning in his grave. From what I've read, he was very anti-Semitic. His mother was Polish, his father French.

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