Friday, October 3, 2008

Germans have invented the Best

Aryans invented this World

But Germany has invented the Best: Tanks
Motor Bikes.

I am still researching but the Car information is complete.
Thanks to my Helpers
Thanks to all my positive Readers.

Your sincerely: William White.

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Isaque said...

I have to add the Aerodynamics wonderful work of mister Hermann Schlichting on: "Aerodynamik des Flugzeugs Springer, Berlin 1967" which was a german guy, obviously.
I am Brazilian, DNA mixed from native Savage ones, in short, messed up DNA, and I think that Germans were really great on Aerodynamics (I am an Aeronautic Engineer). On the math side of knowledge, if you recall Carl Friedrich Gauss, German, Gottingen university professor,you might be knowing that based on his assumptions (not published during his life) while he was only 15, it was suggested a whole new geometry based on the negation of the Parallel Lines Postulate from the Greek Euclid. Then another bright german, mr Riemman, developed the curved space geometry where the the sum of the internal angles of a triangle is no longer 180 degrees, and then, all this stuff, after created, was used by mister Einstein, which is, I guess, Jew descendant. Anyway, I have too much to thank to German people who gave to the world the lights from a great DNA source, to help many all over the world (please, I am not being sarcastic). Just like, I dont know, you might be doing as well ... keep up the good work.