Saturday, October 4, 2008

fact about Hitler

Before signing the Munich agreement. From left to right: Chamberlain, Daladier, Hitler, Mussolini, Ciano

Adolf Hitler- 6'2 ?

Height: 5' 9" (1.75 M)

5'5 ? no to short

Did Adolf Hitler have a middle name?

No. He was listed in the baptismal registry simply as Adolfus Hitler.

How tall was Hitler?

He was 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighed about 150 pounds.

Hair Colour? Dark Blonde, not quite light brown( black and white film makes hair darker)

Eye Colour? Blue not Brown

Adolf Hitler's height is 5 ft 8 in (173 cm)?

Infamous Austrian German leader. He was supposedly measured at 173cm for a physical by Austrian Army.

Manfred Rommel (son of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel) that Hitler liked his father (who stood 5'6") because Hitler was a bit taller and could look him comfortably in the eye, unlike many of the other generals.

"Adolf Hitler", was 5'7" (170 cm) according to his Personalakten (military record). He once remarked, "If the recruiting standards were applied to me, even I couldn't join the SS!" There were different height requirements for the Waffen-SS, depending on the year and the type of regiment. The 1938 requirement of 6' was relaxed to 5'9" in 1940. Even then, smaller SS-Men could join the Pioniers (combat engineers) if they were 168 cm or taller. I have a book at home (_Wenn Alle Brueder Schweigen_)that contains a recruitment poster citing the various heights allowed in the Waffen-SS (Bodyguard, armored, signals, engineer).

Real height is what u get during 99% of day, morning height doesnt even last an hour, so Hitler was probably 5'8", but ive heard he actually was 5'7", although
he looked short because their soldiers were 5'10" on average.

He was certainly not short, watch this photo of the Munich agreement.
Significantlly taller than Daladier, taller than Mussolini, about the same height as Ciano and only Chamberlain is slightly taller.

He was taller than Goering and much taller than Göbbels.
Chaplin (who was 1.64)

Hitler was Austrian . Is there, or was there a difference between the average height for German men, and Austrians. He may be above average for Austrians at 5'8" and below average for Germans in the 30's and 40's.

average german man is 5´11

Certainly above 5'9, probably about 5'10 or 5'11. Himmler was 5'11 and Hitler was virtually the same height as him.

Hitler, Hess and Himmler were all tall men, above 5'10. Goebbels was short(5'6)

the minimum height to enter the SS was 5.9 because Heinrich Himmler was 5.9.
I didn't know that wonder if it is true?

Hitler's height is a matter of controversy. There are several sources:

Dr. Morell his private doctor said he was about 5 ft 7 in;

Dr. Wallace H. Graham (Harry Truman's doctor) who met Hitler several times said he was approximately 5 ft 8 in (about the same of Stalin, he adds);

Wallace Deuel in "People Under Hitler" quoted in the OSS dossier on Hitler says he was 5 ft 8 in or 9 in.

One thing is certain: he was taller than Martin Bormann (who was 5 ft 7 in), than Goering, than Mussolini, than Franco, seemed to be the same height of Himmler and Rommel and slightly shorter than Ribbentrop.

So, Hitler was not that short. Most reliable estimate was that he was 1.74 m. Only he was short-legged and that made him look shorter than he really was.

controversy? Why Height doesn't matter to an Aryan.

I Believe Hitler was 5'9.


zuluking said...

he was one of the ugliest teuton,and had a big head like most germans and some austrians. He was tall for his era,probably 175cm,lean 68kg and pale but not like the irish!his hair color was a light brown and eyes were light blue. He was an asshole,but was cunning and a real hatemonger, a disgrace to the intellectual society of Germany. His aryan theory was probably out of proportion,how the hell was his brain working!He had one testicle that's why he was probably jealous when he saw the humble emperor Jesse Owens beat all those steroid-filled nazi athletes by taking four gold medals from the nazi occupied territory.Hitler was a dork! His theory was retarded,Germans are not the blondest europeans,poland is as blond as northern germany which is blonder than the rest of germany. Aryans were not blond at all,those bloody iranians are bloody swarthy!The blondest europeans are the finnish and norwegians! got it! Hitler is a shame to the german nation which i dearly love!

zuluking said...

I feel sorry for his wife, the guy only had one testicule and was probably small too!

Brian said...

Actually, you're wrong. Hitler was dark haired (not even close to light brown).
In America, Hitler's hair is considered black.
His eyes, were grey, very light, but grey with no blue colored pigmentation.

Alasdhair said...

There are colored photos of Hitler on the internet. He had very dark hair and very dark eyes.

Weilyn said...

Hitler had two testicles. The rumor of him having just one was spread during the 1940's in Britain, in an attempt to immasculate him.

Someone of no consequence said...

Jesse Owens jacked up on 'roids to cheat to win the Olympic Gold. Without them, he would've stood no chance against his Aryan Betters.

bearlok1 said...

Hitler most certainly did not have blonde hair! His hair was rather dark. There are color pictures of him next to German children who are obviously blonde, and Hitler's hair in comparison appears to be dark brown to black. As for his eye color, it's not clear, but they also appear to be dark-complected. I have an American war-time propaganda poster and it lists Hitler at 5'7", 150-165 pounds, hair black and eyes brown.

THOR9019 said...

Do you wish to be taken seriously?
Hitler had TWO balls and blue eyes so please get things straight before running around typing rubbish you know nothing of.

Anonymous said...

His private physician Dr. Morell stated in his memoirs, first that Hitler was 1.76 m, later saying he was 1.74 m. Hitler's prison entry discovered in 2010 lists him as 1.75 m tall and 77 kg weight.
( We don't know if this is barefoot height or with shoes on. One can see in footage that Hitler wore high-heeled shoes. So probably he was 1.72-1.73 m tall only.

Anonymous said...

Franz Jetzinger's "Hitler's Youth" quoting Hitler's file of 5 February 1914 medical examination in Salzburg for the Austrian Army states he was listed as 5ft 9in tall.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

More info on aryan people here:

Dante Ardenz said...

I see so much New propaganda here .
Lets get it straight .
Adolf Hitler had very dark hair ,and famously light blue glowing eyes of keen perception ,and intelligence.
Everyone remember about their intensity ,and Hitler's dynamic presence .

He was 5 ft 8 ,and well built as a young man .He did not drink ,smoke ,or eat meat .
He exercised ,and took care of himself .The war of course caused his health to decline .
He did not in any way insult Jesse Owens ,and was not even at the stadium the day Owens won.
Owens himself called Hitler ," the man of the hour in Germany ".
Upon returning to the racists USA Owens had the IRS sicked on him by FDR for campaigning for his opponent for President ,and could only get jobs in sideshows .

Jesse Owens was treated well in the Third Reich by his own admission ,and the Hitler produced film Olympiad hailed Owens !
The lying footage of Hitler " outraged " by Owens was cut from that film .

Jewish propagandists in the USA created this bunk to push for hatred and war ...funny since " chosen people Jews " are the ultimate racists !

Hitler was a brave man and earned the iron cross first and second class in WW1.
Plus the sound badge .He wore these medals as leader of the Reich .

He endured threats ,attacks ,and risked his life his entire career ...flying into danger zones during WW2 on his Condor .

He only took his own life while surrounded by the Red Army . He could of escaped earlier ,but refused to.
He had no sexual problems .This was typical perverted propaganda produced by sex obsessed Jews .
Eva Braun had a normal relationship with him ,and so loved him chose willingly to die with him as his wife !
I find this amazing testimony to the man .

Global Awakening said...

Hitler Deserves respect by the German people who he helped out of Wiemar Republic decadence that saw destruction of everything moral. Hitler restored Germany though a very short time he created zero unemployment food for everyone work for everyone money for everyone it would not have been possible if he had not kicked out the jewish bankers and lobbyists!! HITLER WAS RIGHT and the lies we have been fed ever since are evidence of how dangerous he was to the BANKING MODEL. Watch for FREE and learn a side of history you were NEVER MEANT TO KNOW.