Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ancient Aryans in Europe

ost members of the White race are in some form or another traceable to the major wave of White peoples who entered Europe from approximately 5000 BC till around 500 BC (March 2003). In terms of White racial sub-groupings, these people were known as Nordic. Also referred to as Indo-Europeans, these individuals were originally found in the central and southern parts of Russia, near the Caucasus mountains. As such, Whites are still commonly referred to as Caucasians. Natural disaster in the form of flooding is thought to have prompted the first great waves of migration, and is responsible for flooding in Mythology all over Middle East and the rest of the World. Leaving their Black Sea Basin heartland, the Nordic peoples invaded Europe and Asia.
but the Ice Age forced the migration of the Aryans. According to Ninan (2003), Indo-Europeans entered Europe as �the first farmers of these wild areas.

Nordic Indo-Europeans migrated to a variety of areas. In Europe the Celts, Germans, Balts and Slavs settled, while in the south Indo-Europeans settled in Egypt, the Middle East, India (Indo-Aryans), Afghanistan (Aryans), China (Tocharians), and Japan (Ainu). For

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g Nordic peoples often overpowered those they encountered. This was true not only because of their metal-working skills but also because of a superior language development. This enabled them to provide leadership for and change the thinking of those they encountered.
As Scholz (1994) explains, the discovery of an Indo-European language group put the lie to Hebrew as the original language of all human beings. It also caused conflict with jews believing they are the chosen race and they were the first to come from Adam being the father of all human beings. Africans also believed through Evolution that they were Chosen. None of these races have done anything to match the Aryans there for it is obvious that the Aryans are the Chosen race.

The discovery of a vastly superior language development among Aryans also helped formulate concepts of White superiority. As Scholz (1994) maintains, �The Aryans seemed to be superior to other races as they had developed language to the allegedly highest evolutory level a long time before the others�Superior physiology, language and culture were allocated to the term �Aryans� and it was assumed that those belonged to the White race� (2). The Indo-European invasion of Europe occurred between 4000 BC up to 500 BC, consisting of the following groups: the Celts; the Germans; the Balts; and the Slavs (March 2003). The Celts were also known as Gauls and Britanni. Greece and Italy were invaded by Celtic tribes and in 390 BC the Celts destroye
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Anonymous said...

Why is this obsession with White superiority?! A noble man needs no approval from the masses - wouldn't you agree? - for the masses are not to be reckoned with. So what's the point to engage in a pointless task? This is equeal to trying to prove with convincing alibi you are not a thief. Nobility comes from within, from awareness of it - it is enough just to acknowledge it to yourself.

Unknown said...

Its funny how hitlar uses ayrans for Germany's rebuilding process when Aryans are really Persians