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Zodiac signs, 16th century European woodcut
woodcut. twelve signs of the zodiac (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces)

Mayan Astrology

Main article: Maya calendar

The distinctive Mayan calendar and Mayan astrology have been in use in Meso-America from at least the 6th Century BCE. There were two main calendars, one plotting the solar year of 365 days, which governed the planting of crops and other domestic matters; the other called the Tzolkin of 260 days, which governed ritual use. Each was linked to an elaborate astrological system to cover every facet of life. On the fifth day after the birth of a boy, the Mayan astrologer-priests would cast his horoscope to see what his profession was to be: soldier, priest, civil servant or sacrificial victim. [13] A 584 day Venus cycle was also maintained, which tracked the appearance and conjunctions of Venus. Venus was seen as a generally inauspicious and baleful influence, and Mayan rulers often planned the beginning of warfare to coincide with when Venus rose. There is evidence that the Maya also tracked the movements of Mercury, Mars and Jupiter, and possessed a zodiac of some kind. The Mayan name for the constellation Scorpio was also 'scorpion', while the name of the constellation Gemini was 'peccary'. There is evidence for other constellations being named after various beasts, but it remains unclear. [14] The most famous Mayan astrological observatory still intact is the Caracol observatory in the ancient Mayan city of Chichen Itza in modern day Mexico.

[edit] Aztec Astrology

Main article: Aztec calendar

The Aztec calendar shares the same basic structure as the Mayan calendar, with two main cycles of 365 days and 260 days. The 260 day calendar was called Tonalpohualli by the Aztecs, and was used primarily for divinatory purposes. Like the Mayan calendar, these two cycles formed a 52 year 'century', sometimes called the Calendar Round .


Anonymous said...

this guy is probably the ugliest loser in the world. these white supremacist/aryan types always are.

Besides, chicks don't go for blond faggots anyway.

Anonymous said...

OK. I agree that peoples of different regions differ somewhat genetically. However trying to claim the difference means supremacy and inferiority does not follow. Especially when the evidence present works against your argument.

Here are a few points I would like to make after reading your posting.

1) Regarding the original Greek genetic type we can just as easily say that the presence of Nordic genes are due to later influx as you have stated the presence of Mediterranean/Semitic genes are due to later influx.

2) Regarding the mental supremacy of Nordic Europeans I must bring up the stark and obvious fact that the majority of factors that are used in the formation of this argument, such as mathematical systems, the sciences, language, among other things, originated in India, the Middle East, China, and North Africa. These, many of which were well developed and brought to Europe initially by Semitic Mediterranean peoples such as the Phoenicians who had settled Crete and Sicily and interacted as well as interbred with the Greeks frequently. Later the people that posses the most notably Aryan features helped lead to the collapse of the Roman Empire from which they had inherited some of this knowledge. But for some time after there was a dark age and the time of learning and knowledge had passed in Europe. Until the rise of the Islamic Empire which conquered Visigoth Spain and brought with them the light of knowledge. There Semitic peoples, North Africans, and Europeans of a variety of types further developed these fields of knowledge.

The withdrawal of the Islamic empire from Europe, allowed for the rest of Europe to more heavily enter the regions they had occupied where this knowledge was. This was followed by the great spread of these fields of knowledge over Europe as more of the region came into contact and adopted these systems and information that was brought and further developed there. This lead to a period known as The Enlightenment.

They came into contact with this body of knowledge brought by Islamic invaders and ran with it. The knowledge that was a product of non-Aryan peoples, and only partly a product of Aryans if the disputable Greeks could be considered such. But even then many of their scientists were not of the "Aryan" line. Einstein, for example, was a Semite, at least partly. But I don't think the accomplishments were any more than any other group under the same environmental conditions would have produced. Even the accomplishments of the Semites can be attributed to conditional circumstances.

Among these fields were the particular items of Calculus(developed mainly by non-Europeans especially at that point), Geometry, Surgical and internal Medicine, Astronomy.

We can clearly see that if we were to accept the idea that those who possessed or developed such knowledge are superior it would make the Nordic people inferior. Which I don't believe.

Also I would like to mention that the alphabet you are using to claim your superiority as part of the Nordic race and insult the other peoples of this world was developed by the Semitic Phoenician people in the city of Byblos of modern day Lebanon. This is a fact. If you want a purely Aryan culture I would suggest dropping all current European writing systems, and the idea of the alphabet until an "Aryan" comes up with the idea who has never heard of an alphabet.

Basically modern "Nordic" Europeans adopted much of their modern culture from the Romans who adopted it from the Greeks who inherited it from the Egyptians and Semites.

Anonymous said...

3) You post many pictures of ideal Aryan types but fail to acknowledge the many Europeans of dark hair and olive skin.

4) You doubt the Greek man of dark complexion was of Mediterranean gene type, stating that he is just sun tanned, when he has clearly Semitic Mediterranean features as well.

You show the Middle eastern nose type as an indicator of a non-Aryan but still claim that Euripides was Aryan although he has that feature.

5) OMG Genghis Khan was not an

6) The word Aryan refers to the mountains in Iran, once known as Persia. So pick another name for people with blond hair and lack of melanin.

Anonymous said...

The technological achievements are not solely due to your fabled Aryan race. They are due to a extensive knowledge base that was more than 70% non-European. And if we discount the Greeks which may seem appropriate, it was reasonably less than that.

So with the idea that those who develop such technologies are superior, because it was a shared effort, you cannot claim that the Aryan peoples are the superior. If you believe that those who contributed more are superior it becomes a bit messy. The extent of credit varies depending on the volume contributed by each group, the field in question, the importance attributed to the different developments, and the group division scheme.

However the modern heavily European advances would not have been possible today without the former North African, Middle Eastern, Eastern contributions.

And since I don't believe that one group can be superior to another and rely so heavily on that group I don't believe European, or "Aryan" peoples are superior to these other groups they have heavily relied on.

Anthony said...

The writer also failed to mention the nordic peoples genetic recessives do darker haired/skined/eyed races,
(african, mongoloid)
And how blond hair and blue eyes are going to eventually become no existent.