Saturday, October 4, 2008

Different shades of White?

Do White People have different shades of White? if so do they have names.?

Dolph Lundgren , Arnold than Markus Pöyhönen all have darker skin then me.

do Irish have the pale skin?

Why on the Olympics Scandinavian People we darker then British?

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zuluking said...

Yes, there are different types of white skins.Varying from a pinkish-white to a very light brown. There are two types of fair skins,one that doesn't tan and one that does but after awhile.Type1-pale-white,very sensitive to sunlight,freckles a lot(most common among british isles people)aka 'celtic'.Type2-fair-less sensitive than 1,tans slightly,freckles a little(most common among scandinavians,germans and other north europeans)aka 'nordic'.Type3-medium-tans after some exposure(most common in europe)aka "caucasian".Type4-very light brown,tans easily and is beautiful!(most common in Southern europe among italians,spaniards,bulgarians etc..)