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German Super Dogs

One of the German Super Breeds, Labrador cross German Shepherd.

This cross between a German Shepherd and a Golden Retriever has traits of both parents.

This cross between a German Shepherd and a Golden Retriever has traits of both parents.

The German Shepherd
Pure white German Shepherd

Pure white German Shepherd
A solid black German Shepherd

A solid black German Shepherd

The Kennel Club (UK) standard states that a clear definition of masculinity and femininity is essential.


The breed was named "Deutscher Schäferhund" by Von Stephanitz, literally translating to "German Shepherd Dog". The breed was named as such due its original purpose of assisting shepherds in herding and protecting sheep. Shepherds were first exported to Britain in 1908 and The Kennel Club began to recognise the breed in 1919 and adopted the direct translation of the name for the official breed registry. However, at the conclusion of World War I it was believed that the inclusion of the word "German" would harm the breed's popularity, due to the anti-German sentiment of the era.[11] The breed was officially renamed by the Kennel Club to "Alsatian Wolf Dog",[a] this name was also adopted by many other international kennel clubs. Later the name was changed again to "Alsatian" as the appendance "wolf dog" caused discontent after media capitalised on the name to run a scare campaign advertising that "half-wolves" had been let loose in Britain.[11] The name remained until 1977 when successful campaigns by dog enthusiasts pressured the kennel clubs to allow the breed to be again registered as German Shepherd Dogs

Max von Stephanitz and Horand von Grafrath; the first German Shepherd Dog

Max von Stephanitz and Horand von Grafrath; the first German Shepherd Dog.

White Shepherd Dog

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White Shepherd Dog

A White Shepherd Dog.
Other names White German Shepherd Dog
Berger Blanc Suisse
Nicknames WGSD
Country of origin Germany

The White German Shepherd Dog emerged from white coat lines of the German Shepherd Dog. It is only recognized as a breed by the United Kennel Club in the United States.

The crossbred offspring of German Shepherds often have Shepherd faces and other characteristics. Crossbred dogs may vary in which characteristics of their purebred parents that they inherit, even in the same litter of puppies.

other cross breed German Shepherds after Nazi Germany Collie cross German Shepherd


Mutley is a 4-5 year old male German Shepherd cross who just loves his walks and days out in the countryside. He is very friendly with all the staff at the centre. After all that walking he loves a rest and has a very calm nature. He is quite wary on other dogs so would need to go to a home with no other animals.

Meet Thelma and Louise, two 8 year old female German Shepherd crosses. These two beautiful girls. Two big characters but nowhere near as much trouble as the screen version. These girls need to be re-homed together because they couldn’t picture living apart. They are very friendly and love to play with each other and will invite others to join.

Boomer is a very friendly young male German Shepherd cross male aged approximately 8 months old. Boomer is Labrador/female German Shepherd sized. Boomer is great with other dogs and likes to play. He is also good with people and children although he may be too big and bouncy for smaller children.

Rocky - 3 year old male German Shepherd cross Rottweiler

Rocky is a 3 year old male German Shepherd cross Rottweiler who is a real sweetie and looking for a new home after his parents split up and the lady of the house did not have enough time for him and found him too much to exercise etc. She said he just kept bringing his toys into the house wanting someone to play.
He has not had the fun that he should have in his early years and desperately needs someone to love him and give him a lot of TLC and some serious training.

He is looking for an adult only household as he has never lived with children, he does not appear to be dog aggressive but careful introductions at the kennel first would be a must and he has not lived with cats so we cannot say how Rocky and a cat would get along! Please help Rocky asap as the kennel enviroment is not good for him and causes him a lot of stress making him poorly. Can you offer him a loving new home?

Asher - 1 1/2 year old male Husky cross German Shepherd Dog

Asher is a magnificent looking Husky cross German Shepherd Dog aged 1 year and 5 months old. Like his breed would suggest he has bags of energy but settles easily and adores a fuss. Asher could be rehomed in a family where the children are older, calm and used to energetic dogs.Asher would be best suited to a home with no cats. Asher could be homed with another well matched dog, following a successful introduction at the centre.

He needs to have access to a secure fenced garden for him to explore and enjoy. Ideally Asher should not be routinely left for more than 3 to 4 hours a day. Asher is looking for an owner with Husky experience, as he is very typical of his breed.

Due to Asher’s breed he is looking for a home where he can be given more exercise than your average family dog.

For further details please contact The Blue Cross in Felixstowe by telephoning 01394 283254. Address: The Blue Cross, 333 High Street, Walton, Felixstowe, Suffolk, IP11 9QL.

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