Monday, October 6, 2008

Good Bye from Lord Wilhelm White

Good bye

I had fun making this blog for my Race.




laude Bowes-Lyon, 14th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne

Richard Colley Wesley

Anna Maria Walburga

Kaiser of Germany
Kings of England.


The following individuals are not Spencers, but are also descended from the same Henry Spencer via one or more lines of descent.

George Washington (1731/2 - 1799) - U.S. President

I am Royal

Now i say good bye.


anarchore said...

Thank you! See also and for more anthropological items of interest.

Anonymous said...

Seems a shame you are saying have excellent stuff on your blog. I would like to contact you? Email is

Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog a month after you ended it!

What a shame.

However, I will enjoy exploring it over the next few days.

Erko from Australia.

Anonymous said...

aryan is as aryan does

Anonymous said...

Not concerned about being half pig half dog type of people, throw in a little snake.

Cedric said...

Where we came from is unknown.

a god

Atlantis, Egyptian, not just Europe
and even ancient New Zealand.

I am just curious to know
but we may never.......

Anonymous said...

This site is just silly. The smartest guy I ever worked for was black, i.e. of African descent. Not only was he phenomenally smart, he was a phenomenal athlete and had one of the most charismatic personalities I've ever encountered. I'm blond, blue eyed, very white and to be frank wish I had his intellectual and physical attributes, and brimming confidence.

My step dad is a swarthy Latino with jet black hair, was a radar systems engineer and director of technology for a major Fortune 500 company and the smartest man I've ever known. He has a confirmed IQ of over 160. I’ve got a lot of white relatives down South and not one of them have accomplished anything of note, including even making it into college while he raised himself by the force of his intellect out of an orphanage in Albuquerque during the depression. He raised me like I was his own son. You sir, can go to hell.

Anonymous said...

Bigot cunts. You should all follow your leader and stain the wall behind you with your own blood.

Anonymous said...

The only true Nordics are Germans and those of German ancestry from Central Europe. Those from the Scandinavian countries have Mongol admixture which makes them non-white. That's right! Contrary to pop belief, Scandinavians aren't truly white. They're light but if you look close enough, you'll see the non-white in their Asian eyes!

Thanks for the site but much of it was completely inaccurate.

Anonymous said...

DAPHNE, the most ancient HUMAN discovered!

16th International Congress of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES)

By Drs Aris and Daphne N. Poulianos
Kunming, China 31-7-09

The title of this paper may sound a little deterministic, but I am convinced we human beings went through a longer period of hominization, than usual historians, including marxists, allow to conclude today.
We definitely come from apes, but not African ones. Once upon a time lived in Europe over fifty species of monkeys. But an ape, which I named Helladopithecus semierectus, lived on trees, seventeen million years ago (ANTHROPOS, V3, N01, Jan. 1976, pp3 – 30, Athens).
The well known Pikermi fauna of the Miocene period is found from Hungary through Balkans to Iran: (Wagner, A1840: Fossile Uberreste Von einem Affen und anderensau getierren aus Griechenland. Abh. Bayer. Akad. Wiss, 3, Munchen). Among other finds, a very important of that period was Mesopithecus pentelici, whose range also extended over a large territory, beyond Greece, and which is known to be a terrestrial monkey. It’s wide extension over a large territory, presupposes, that some anthropomorphic monkeys could ’’descend from trees’’ (Roghinski, J.J. & M.G. Levin, 1963: Anthropologhia, Moskva, str. 184 – 185), and begun to walk. Consequently among those “descenders” could be some andecedent forms of man.
Another lower jaw from Attica found by a german officer during the years of occupation (1942) and described by G.Von Koenigswald, (1972: Einunterkiefez eines fossilen Hominoiden aus dem unterpliozan Griechenlands. Konikl. Nederl. Akademie Van Wetenschappen. Series B, 75, No 5, str. 385 – 394, Amsterdam), seems to be an advanced form which does not belong to Dryopithecinae, and which might also represent the beginning of African Primates. Koenigswald gave him a not very successful name “graecopithecus”. Its age is about 9 million years old. The lower jaw of another specimen found by the French expedition in 1972 near Thessaloniki, was named Dryopethicus macedoniensis. But it is also of a more advanced type than the Dryopithecinae, and according to Koenigswald is more closely affiliated with the hominids. Its age is Upper Miocene (Vallesian).
Finally, the find described in this paper (Helladopithecus), is the upper part of a left femur found by our expedition in 1974 near Tharounia, a village in the island of Euboea. The age established lately, is Lower Miocene, about 17 million years old, confirmed by its stratigraphy, as well, and kept now in the Anthropological Museum of the Archanthropus man at Petralona, Chalkidiki.
It is fully described and decided to be a semierectus monkey, as these authors call the whole complex of similar finds from Attica and Makedonia too.
The new bone find is 98 mm. long (given the signal name ‘’A.E. – 1’’, seems to belong to a rather young individual, and its whole length (proportionally counted) cannot be more than 350 mm. That is the standing height should be about 140-150cm. Its weight, according to Debetz index (ICVS), approximately should be about 40-42 klgms. The stoutness index then is about 22, 85 (the same index for Orang, Chimpanzee and Gorilla, being 32-33, while for man is 18-21.

Anonymous said...

DAPHNE, the most ancient HUMAN discovered!


But among all these indirect methods of identifying a find, the best would be to measure exactly the Torsion angle, in order to establish the percentage of its erect position. Thus a new method was developed to measure the torsion angle in a broken femur bone. This method is based on the assumption that the torsion angle (Θ) of a bone is directly proportional to the angle of its cylindrical surface (α). (See designs 2 and 3). The axis of a bone is the line passing through all gravity centers of all its side section (AB). The edge of the cylindrical surface of a bone is the line uniting all corresponding corners of the cross – section (ΓΔ). That is: θ=Κ.α, where Κ – proportionality coefficient.
And this assumption is based on
a)the geometrical similarity of corresponding bones of different animals.
b)The physico-chemical similarity of bones, and
c)On the approximately constant ratio between animal weight and cross-sectional area, that is the stress of bone loading is almost constant (the animal weight per unit of cross-sectional bone area).
In order to find Κ we take a similar unbroken contemporary bone, and measure its angles θ and α:
Κ= θ. Unbroken / α. unbroken
Then we measure the angle α of the broken bone and find angle
θ.broken = K.a unbroken = θ. Unbroken . α. broken / α. unbroken
Angle α is the average of angles β & γ.
The angles β & γ can be found by photographing the bone and measuring these angles on the picture. In order to make edge ΓΔ clearly distinguishable we illuminate the bone from the side. Then ΓΔ becomes the border line of two differently illuminated surfaces. In our case we took 17 differently oriented pictures of both bones, broken and unbroken (see pictures in the text and table 1).
The result of these procedures showed that θ (torsion) broken = 18ο , which means that this monkey was about 65% erect during his lifetime. That means he was pretty much erect, certainly more erect than most today’s African primates. Thus, it is concluded, Helladopithecus could be the forerunner of Homo.
Finally, we raise to the rank of a separate family the whole complex of Helladopithecus finds from Greece, classifying it right after the Hominid family. As a result of the above process we have the first standing man on earth, Homo erectus trilliensis, spreading all over the world from this region of the Aegean, of the SE of Europe 13 million years ago.
The over one hundred years long discussion among anthropologists (‘’polyphyletic versus monophyletic origins’’) sounds is ending. Monophyletic origin of man (from Helladopithecus to Homo erectus trilliensis) to our opinion is more or less confirmed who spread from Atlantic to Pacific and then all over the rest of the world. It seems every biological species on earth develops from one center, and then it spreads all over.
In the mean time excavations are going on: A new find, a part of the skeleton of a young girl of 14 years old was found. The find was named Homo erectus trilliensis Daphnae, after the name of the lady present in this hall Mrs Daphnae A.Poulianos.

Arthur Darcy said...

Visit my blog

Anonymous said...

This is VERY VERY INTERESTING! Gotta check out and read this article. It will blow your mind off. BEFORE YOU GO!! HAHA. It is about Jesus Christ, Blonde Haired Blue Eyed whatever and erm, satan.

Rishi said...

Why do you people think you are Aryans? Only the high kings that the Veda literatures decribe are called Aryan. The swasthik is their symbol of war. Please read wiki before people post the stuff. And English, Celts, Vikings, Germanics, Greeks are very different from Aryans. Eugenics is still followed in India where the Aryans actually still live but in depleting numbers. search WIKI.

Anonymous said...

Aryans with the prettiest little mouths and perfect blowjob lips!

Anonymous said...

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オテモヤン said...


leaf said...


susan said...

HI my German grandfather looks Middle Eastern. He has brown eyes, dark hair, and a long nose. What race do you think he may be? Not a typicalblond hair blue eyed German. And have you heard of the Black Irish? I have been told I am Black Irish. I assume part Indian as my mother and I have dark hair, squinty Asian eyes and high cheekbones. My DNA is consitent with Middle Eastern ancestry. I would love to hear your feedback. Thanks. Email me at

Anonymous said...

Why so proud of German genes? here people tell it, they're the most unnattractive people on earth with an accent that kills the ears. atleast thats what i see on every single article, poll, or survey done Lol

Stu said...

One less racist blog.

I shall not shed a tear.

Anonymous said...

My family descends from pure Aryan bloodline, my father traveled from the Vega star system to planet earth on a mission.... We are the true Aryans, not you.

r said...

I just found this blog a couple of minutes ago... but what happened to all of the pictures on the previous posts ? Have they been taken down ? all of them ?

Järnsida said...

Goddamn imbeciles, this blog is about anthropology and science. If you can't stand the truth, don't even come here in the first place.

I agree with the above post, what happened with all the images?

Anonymous said...

Looks to me like the standard kind of racist pseudo-science with either documents cherry-picked regardless of peer-approval, or stuff that is 'just made up'. I prefer the photo albums in russian-victories.
Since as a Slav I know I'm already superior, I do thank you for some good laughs!

Anonymous said...

Lord Wilhelm White is a fictitious character...not real, just made-up!

The stuff written in this blog here has alienated the Mediterenean Southern-Europeans against the White Nordic Hunnic-Mongol Northern-Europeans.

Personally, I go with the Meditereneans because my ancestry is Greco-Roman.

The Northern-Europeans appear Mongol to me...White but Mongol!

Paint their hair black, stretch their eyes a tad, add some yellow pigment on their skin and there you have the quintessential Mongol look.

Lord Wilheim White...indeed!

Hunnic-Mongol more like!

The Germanic race has eastern Hunnic-Mongol origin...White but Mongol White!

Anonymous said...

Mongols belong to Turan - like the Turkistanis.

Both peoples belong to Turanid Yellow race

Anonymous said...

Lord Wilhelm White is a Yugoslav. His real name is Goranovic Abdulovic Kemalovic.

Anonymous said...

Nordic race is actually the Germanic race plus derivatives - nuff said!

Anonymous said...

Nords have about as much 'mongoloid' blood as meds have negroid blood, so watch your tongue. The negroid blood present in southerners comes from admixing with sand negroes from Anatolia, Syria, Egypt, etc. Sand Negroes are partially negro from mixing with ancient cushitic and ethiopian tribes. Hence, the term afro-asiatic. That's why jews and arabs have 'afros' and afro features.

The Sand Negro blood present among meds however, is very notable and it is not a joke.

The Ancient Romans and Greeks were white,however their modern descendants are admixed with anatolians, syrians and north africans courtesy of immigration, emancipated and integrated slaves and the later islamic invasions, of course.

If Sicilians grew beards and dressed like muslims, they would be taken for syrian sand-negro terrorists.

Anonymous said...

My last point was an obvious exaggeration, however it was made to prove a point to those southerners with inferiority complexes and mongol fantasies.

Anonymous said...

This site is a load of BS. There are defined set of race that have been understood and known througout history. If race dosent exist why is there a word for it?
This site is yet another extension of zionist proaganda aimed to hyocricise us Germans and Nazis. There IS a general white Aryan Nordic race. Yes some do live in other countries due to colonisation- you never saw a white man in Zimbabwe 2000 years ago! Further it is a fact that the Nordic race was bread about with franks tribes and other Europeans, who over milenia gave us the pure Nordic race (namely Germans were bread with superior Austrian and Sloavic blood to produce the elitest Aryan being). This has been known for centuries but is not studies today. The nordic race is the most superior and this is what the world does not accept. We know it and are proud of it. Inferiors be known! Good try but no cigar. You racism is evident in your forum title. Sieg Heil!!!

Anonymous said...

Aryan is not a race, its a status symbol. Like an aristocrat type. Whites invented everything we use everyday from indoor plumbing to the phone. We are the most creatively race on the planet. Our race has a very low crime rate, a high standard of living and a proven track record of continued success in all areas of life.

Is it such a crime to want to preserve our people? To make sure our race continues on this planet? You are being brainwashed to hate the only people trying to protect our kind from extinction!

Spend one day and think about what this world would look like if our race was gone. Spend one day and look at every single man- made object around you and try to figure out what each and everyone of them had in common.

Do the Chinese have an immigration problem? What about Congo? Saudi-Arabia? Why do all of the third world scum want to invade the white lands? To replace our languages with there's, to replace our culture with there's, to rob our people, to live off our government, to rape our women, to sell drugs to our kids,why?

Is it wrong to want what is best for our kind and expect the same from all others?

All we want is to live in freedom with only people of our own kind.

Think about it, research it, talk about it. Times running out. In the 1800s whites were outnumbered 2 to 1. Today its 50 to 1. Soon it will be to late to reverse the tide.

Think objectively, out of the box, in our shoes, our perspective. If your convictions are strong enough you have nothing to fear.

Learn the truth.

Anonymous said...

Please don't procreate, you pseudo-intellectual turd.

Anonymous said...

100% agree with Anonymous! (the pseudo-intellectual turd)

He/she definitely hit a nerve of the Ziotroll.

Anonymous said...

The Aryan Race People - In original ancient form, a racial group with blond hair, blue eyes, white skin, towering height and large brains.

Onashadylane said...

I would marry you.

Onashadylane said...

I would marry you.