Monday, October 6, 2008

The Jew


HERE we may touch lightly on the racial problem of the Jewish people, although the Jews do not represent a strain of extra-European blood in Europe, but a section living among the European peoples, of a group of non-European origin. It is the Jews, indeed, who give an example of the importance of the physical and mental hereditary endowment, for their inherited characteristics are the source of that strangeness which they themselves feel within the racially different European peoples, and which these peoples feel with regard to the Jews -- a reciprocal strangeness that has always been attested from the time of the first appearance of the Jew in Europe.

There are a great many false ideas about the Jews. They are said, for instance, to belong to a 'Semitic race.' There is, however, no such race; there are only Semitic-speaking peoples, showing varying racial compositions (cp. above). The Jews, again, are said to be a race in themselves, 'the Jewish race.' This is just as mistaken; a casual glance at once shows men of greatly differing appearance among the Jews. Or again, the Jews are said to be a 'confessional community.' This is the most careless of errors, for there are Jews of all European faiths; and among those Jews in whom the ideal of a Jewish nation is most defined, the Zionists, there are many that do not accept the Mosaic dispensation. Benjamin Disraeli (Lord Beaconsfield), that English Prime Minister who was a High Churchman, was at the same time a Jew very full of pride of his race.

The Jews are a nation, and, like other nations, may belong to several religions; like other nations, too, they are made up of several races. The two races which are, so to say, the foundation of the Jewish nation are, as was said above, the Hither Asiatic and the Oriental. Besides these there are lesser strains of the Hamitic, Nordic, Inner Asiatic, and Negro races, and heavier strains of the Mediterranean and the East Baltic. This is explained from the racial history of the Jewish nation, which I have given in the appendix to the Rassenkunde des deutschen Volkes, where also the appropriate illustrations will be found.

Fig. 164

Fig. 165

Fig. 166

Jews from the time of Jehu (840 B.C.). After an Assyrian representation; Hither Asiatic-Oriental

Within the Jewish nation two divisions are distinguished: the Southern Jews (Sephardim) and the Eastern Jews (Ashkenasim). The former are about one-tenth, the latter nine-tenths of the whole people, which numbers about fifteen millions. The Southern Jews make up the main Jewish population of Africa, the Balkans, Italy, Spain, and Portugal, and part of this population in France, Holland, and England. They show a mixture of Oriental, Hither Asiatic, Mediterranean, Hamitic, Nordic, and Negro, the Oriental predominating. The Eastern Jews make up the Jewish population of Russia, Poland, Galicia, Austria, and Germany; probably the greater part of that of North America; and part of that of Western Europe. They show a mixture of Hither Asiatic, Oriental, East Baltic, Inner Asiatic, Nordic, Hamitic, and Negro, the Hither Asiatic predominating to a certain extent.

In both branches, however, of the Jewish nation selective processes have been at work in the same direction to narrow down, as it were, the range of variations which otherwise would be possible from such a mixture of races. The result is that in the Jewish people as a whole there are always static and psychological characteristics recurring, and with such uniformity for the great body of Jews in every land, that it is easy for the impression of a 'Jewish race' to be formed. The Jews are (or at least were, down to the time of the so-called Jewish emancipation), through seclusion and inbreeding on a definite selective principle, on the way gradually to become a race, a 'secondary race' (as we might call it), the possibility of whose formation is discussed in Chapter V.

Hither Asiatic or Predominantly Hither Asiatic

Fig. 167 – Jew from Germany; Moses Mendelssohn, philosopher

Fig. 168 – Jew from Austria

Fig. 169 – Jew from Germany

Fig. 170 – Jew from France; Saint-Saëns, composer

Fig. 171 – Jew from Russia; Leviné, Communist leader

Fig. 172 – Jewess from France; Wife of the Composer, Meyerbeer; Oriental Race

Fig 172a – Jew from England; Hither Asiatic

Fig 172b – Jew from England; Predominantly Hither Asiatic

Fig. 173 – Jew from Germany; Predominantly Oriental

Fig. 174 – Jew from France; L. Gambetta, politician; Oriental-Hither Asiatic

Fig. 175 – Jew from Germany; Ferdinand Lasalle, Socialist leader; predominantly Hither Asiatic with Nordic Strain? Texture of hair Negro?

Fig. 176 – Jew from Germany; E. v. Simon; First President of Reichstag; Hither Asiatic-Nordic

The racial phenomena within the Jewish people were considered in detail in the appendix to the Rassenkunde des deutschen Volkes, and cannot here be further discussed. For the examination of the Jewish question from the standpoint of ethnological and racial science we must likewise refer to the same work.

It is only from this standpoint that the Jewish problem can be solved. 'Ethnology must render an account to itself of all the influences, cultural and spiritual, issuing from the Jewish element that have been at work on the evolution of Europe, and are always at work on it with the most powerful instruments: finance, banking, literature, the press, and widespread organizations.'8 It is not the economic preponderance of the Jews which in itself has been the cause of the Jewish problem, and made it a burning one to-day. The influence of the Jewish spirit, and influence won through economic predominance, brings with it the very greatest danger for the life of the European peoples and of the North American people alike. 'For what is here at stake is the unhindered development of the bearers of the highest culture of mankind, who, if the process of amalgamation with these emissaries of the East goes further, run the risk in mind and body of wandering off those paths which their own genius has marked out for them.'9

Fig. 177 – Jew from Germany; Ludwig Börne, writer; Oriental-Hither Asiatic

Fig. I78 – Jew from England; Musician; Predominantly Hither Asiatic, with light Inner Asiatic Strain?

A worthy and evident solution of the Jewish question lies in that separation of the Jews from the Gentiles, that withdrawing of the Jews from the Gentile nations which Zionism seeks to bring about. Within the European peoples, whose racial compositions is quite other than that of the Jews, these latter have the effect (to quote the Jewish writer Buber) of a 'wedge driven by Asia into the European structure, a thing of ferment and disturbance.'10

This is seen to-day above all in North America, where the discussion of the Jewish question has been particularly lively since Ford's book, The International Jew: the World's Foremost Problem, made its way far and wide in a few years. In England, Belloc's book, The Jews (1922), has helped towards a renewed interest in the Jewish question; and so it is in Germany with Scheffer's Der Siegeszug des Leihkapitals, a work important from the standpoint both of racial and of economic science.


Anonymous said...

You guys are real sickos.

Anonymous said...

You guys still don't get it... it does NOT matter. It's social, not racial the source of our problems. It's lack of education and knowledge that prevent people from being happy and serving life with generosity, kindness and courage. For instance, your particular type of ignorance which has made things much worse for so millions of people.

When you die, no one will talk about the color of your eyes, but if your actions have inspired others for the good. I guess in your case, no one will care.

Anonymous said...

yea you guys have seriously got this all twisted... are there really people who support you?

the truth is, if you're human, you're human. i believe in reincarnation which means even one of the people behind this website could be reborn as one of your "inferior races". I'm sure that would be a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

«the truth is, if you're human, you're human. i believe in reincarnation»

I've never seen so many ignorant arguments concentrated in less than 15 words.

You do not hold the truth, and you believe in something totally unscientific. Oh ya, we're all on our knees to listen to your brightening theories. Tell us more!

What an idiot.

Anonymous said...

«It's social, not racial the source of our problems. »

Society is racial construct.

Populations build nations.

Nations and culture do not build populations.

And please don't talk about emotions, christianity has been in Haiti and Iceland and both countries are totally different on development. Not to mention that Haiti has the opportunity to make commerce with the world's super power at his door steps..

Anonymous said...

Howcome we have to most inner most teachings of the world like the Kabala ect, we are half Aryan, as Sara was, FFS, Abraham was a semite for sure, thought I don't know about Sara, she might be from Jaseph. As her name hints to it.

missausten said...

yeah all those pictures above show better looking people than Hitler and the top nazis- how the hell they had the nerve to preach about race- they were hardly shining examples themselves! plus the above is the biggest pile of crap ive ever read in my life- whoever wrote it- go see a therapist or something!- hating people just cos they are Jews? - sick!! How exactly is there a 'jewish problem' that needs solved??!! i look around me at the worlds problems and they sure as heck arent caused by Jews!!

Anonymous said...

"i look around me at the worlds problems and they sure as heck arent caused by Jews!!"

youre doing one thing that most dont and that is look.....if you had the capacity to put it together you would see the are too ignorant and blinded by the media to truly see

Anonymous said...

Hey, you forgot to discuss the race of Snow White and the the 7 dwarfs!

Anonymous said...

You are sick!

Anonymous said...

One of these days a miracle will occur:
Some atavistic germischling will
actually turn chattering baboon;
and rave about the Satanic,subhu-
man Neanderaryanthal Gerbeastoid
Race of Adolf Hitler.
See you in the Fourth Reich.

Anonymous said...

You are sick, period. Probably an incestuous child molestor.

Lasey said...

You know, the actress Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe from Friends) is possibly the most Nordic/Aryan looking person I've ever seen and I recently learned that she is 100% Jewish. Look it up.

M Speer said...

Cowards are anonymous.

Anonymous said...

so Nordics are part alien from Orion .. and their magical 'tools' belonged once to the god Odin.

The Jews are a strain seperate from the Europeans (decendents of the Nordics). The Jew strain is a mixture of race (there is only 3 races: Mongoloid, Negroid and Caucasoid) all of which end up in 'Jew DNA'. Yet 'Jew DNA' is SEPERATE from the Nordics.

So the Jews are human earthlings produced here on earth ... while the Aryan Nordic Europeans are humuniod aliens occupying the earth.

Why is it.. so controversial to give the Jews the recoginition of Ethnicity? I mean, ethnicity itself is just a theory concocted by the monarchies to exploit resources, raw material and labor.

Why is it.. that they are not considered a seperate 'Race'.. i do know that the 3 Races all stemmed from the unknown original DNA strain known as 'Adam'. So the real only true human DNA race, derived from the one and only original DNA strain, 'Adam', could possibly really be JEW.

Since Nordics are derived from alien Odin ties..


Anonymous said...

You must be a jew...
"They are NOT my people" -Enki
Jews ARE a race. Their origins being reptilian. they are responsible for all the corruption on earth; religion, politics, etc.
They are the reason humanity is being held back spiritually (by a 'select few'). But we are moving into the Age of Aquarius... the age of rule for Enki.

Interesting you say?
I say it's pathetic to try and label them 'human'.
But hey, they've been trying to brainwash humanity into giving them status for so long, can't blame you... fool.

LEVIN said...

They got you boys worrying about jews when you should be worrying about the oncoming jihad that wants all Christians extinct. Oh wait, what do you hatemongers have to do with Christ?

Anonymous said...

All Semites (Jews and Muslims) are the enemies of Whites. These rats have a long history of corrupting western societies, both from within and without.

Semitic Christians are just wannabe whites. They are worthless cowards and dhimmis.

Anonymous said...

Great work, you nailed so much! Someone made the comment "rats" and he is right, they are rats, but i call them monkeys! They hide behind the jew meme, but are not and they are the children of satan, his chosen ones, it is obvious by the work they do and their rotten fruit! Arnold schwartennegger is one of them, the austrian "jew", that's why they made him rich in their HEllywood, because they own it and brainwash us like many of the ignorant people who left messages here who have not a clue about the real world they live in, but soon will, once they take the guns! People have forgotten their Creator, not god, He ruled over the gods he created, who then failed him and "god" comes from the enemy of the Creator's GERMAN (-NORWEGIAN-SWEDE-British0English0IRISH-Austrian-ASiANS), word GOTT, and if that doesn't make one research the truth, then nothing will and they will simply perish, as the Creator said most of his children would, for not caring enough to find the Creators truth, the bible is 50% truth and 50% perverted by the CROWN who are german-nordics and have the copy rights!!