Thursday, October 2, 2008

Jews have destroyed the World built by Gods

Our Aryan Ancestors built this World.

Aryans are no longer super men.

Jews advertise smoking, illegal drugs and gambling just for money
It was the jews that changed porn.

porn in no longer solo naked woman or with a tall, aryan man.

Porn has race mixing, teens,incest, grandmas, old men , children and animals because of Filthy Jews.

White People should not gamble, smoke, use illegal drugs and we should respect old people, teens, children, animals and Woman.

These World has turned to crime and sex because of Jews, No one Cares about Heroes all they care about is Celebrities, the Jews are using Celebrities to get Money.

All they Care about is Money.

Aryans should care about Honour, Pride. They left US Aryans to protect Animals that are huntef in Africa and Asia. Asians eat Cats and Dogs its not Racist and Jews use Kosher.

Woman of the White Race are now called Sluts just because of their Race and even if they haven't sleeped with alot of men.

Virgins were mistreated in the Bible, now Jews who do not respect Virgin Woman have brought this all over the World, now we have Rape and Teen Pregnant girls even 12 years olds

What have the Jews done to Our Aryan world, Changed it to Disgrace.
And they get Away With It