Thursday, October 2, 2008


In the build-up to the Canadian election, Prime Minister Stephen Harper's rivals have accused him of favouring the same economic policies as US President George W Bush.


South Africa will stick to its ambitious plan to put 30 per cent of farmland in black hands by 2014, even though it is lagging way behind target, a senior government official said on Wednesday.

White House contenders Barack Obama and John McCain have called for urgent efforts to revive a $US700 billion ($NZ1.03 trillion) financial bailout, warning of catastrophe for ordinary Americans if Congress fails to act.

A senior US has envoy traveled to North Korea in a bid to rescue a faltering nuclear disarmament deal and prevent Pyongyang from rebuilding a plant that made weapons-grade plutonium.

Tatua product banned after melanine found

South Korean has found trace amounts of melamine in milk products imported from New Zealand that were used in baby formula and banned their import.

Man jailed two years for child porn

A Hokitika man has been jailed for two years for downloading images of children being sexually abuse

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