Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Who Really Discovered America?

a skeleton uncovered in Kennewick, WA, raised anew the idea that Europeans had colonized the continent before the ancestors of today's Native Americans. Kennewick Man proved white Europeans were "really" the first Americans. Crossed a land bridge between Siberia and Alaska.

t is a well-known and established historical fact that a ProtoEuropean people moved into and conquered the Mohenji-Daro Valley of northern India around 2500 B.C.E. These people, who were called the Aryans from the Sanskrit word meaning 'noble,' established the Hindu religion and the Varna institution of castes as a system of racial separation to keep their descendants from interbreeding with the native Dravidian blacks, as eventually happened. Today the Brahmin, or highest priestly caste, has the highest admixture of ProtoEuropean blood. Other branches of the Aryans moved into Tibet and Iran, which was also named for them,but these were by no means the earliest of Caucasoid migrations eastwards into Asia and prohaps up to Russia( Siberia)

However White people could have also Travelled from Norway or Sweden across to Russia( Siberia) and then to Alaska into Canada and USA.


Anonymous said...

human race is the only race, it's cool to be proud of your heritage and culture, but to say it's superior or to act like it's better than someone else's or tear down someone else's is ignorant and ungod like

plus everyone is always is looking for something in history to say they are better than the next, history has been written by those who killed to get what they want, i don't believe power hungry murderers

Anonymous said...

seriously white ppl are thiefs, and as for the aztec myths bout bearded gods they where talking about white skin asian ppl with white beards becouse they where old; the aztecs decend from asians ...fuckin morons