Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Aryans in Korea- Research

Goguryeo wall murals: They have found blondes and blue eye'd people in these wall murals.

Language: I think it's mostly an inluence of Bhuddism...Like Sanskrit adn all that.

Korean's with blue eyes: I actually have heard of these people They're thought to be the descendents of Dutch people who washed up on the shores of Korea..(Shipwrecked)

Gold: Some people think that there is a connection between Shilla and Scythian gold...I don't remember if Scythians are aryans though.

When did Aryans start to scatter?
probably when they learned how to domesticate horses and later invented Ships.


Anonymous said...

That's nonsense. I've seen those murals. No blue-eyed blondes there. Spreading this kind of false propaganda discredits the cause of white people and makes us seem like fringe lunatics trying to claim others peoples' cultures.

Anonymous said...

Scythians are Aryans although my guess is that they would be 1Ra rather than 1Rb.

RYRY602 said...

i was wondering,im korean but i was born in the u.s. and i have red,blond,silver,and brown hairs in my chin hair and i've found copper,goldish,and metallic blue hairs on my that a sign of being aryan?

Anonymous said...

no, having a bunch of weird hair colors doesn't make you aryan. it makes you a troll.