Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Japan are Aryans?

Aryan is more than just skin pigmentation, eye colour and other physical atributes, its about what is on the inside.

I don't know if the Nuremberg laws would have forbidden relations between Germans and Japanese. They were aimed mostly at the Jews. They did not apply to relations between Germans and non-German Europeans. But I certainly do not know if they would have forbidden something like a relationship between a German and a Japanese.

In Japan the swastika got there by means of Buddhism and is known as the Meiji, if I recall correctly. The Jewish supremacists have been coercing the Japanese to stop using it.

The Nazis Believed Japanese came from Aryans, the Samurai means " those who serve in close attendance to nobility". In China known as Kanji?


taka said...

lol! Another white racist with an insatiable fetish for oriental women! By the way, Hitler clearly did NOT consider the Japanese to be "Aryans" and thought they were inferior "culture bearers" who could only function when taking technology from the West. Aw, so sorry that your lust for Japanese unfortunately can't coexist with your "Aryanism". lol!

Anonymous said...

That's quite a desperate, ad hominem, stretch, Taka. I don't see the author stating anything about a personal desire for Oriental women anywhere in his post. Rather, that has originated exclusively from your own mental shadows. Whether or not the National Socialists would have considered intermarriage with Japanese to be race-mixing or not is an important question. We know that many Germans at that time considered the Japanese to be the "Aryans of the East". How far would they have applied this standard? It's an interesting question.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, we non "Aryans" whipped your asses, didn't we?

Bring it on any day.

Anonymous said...

only the ss where called aryan, it had nothing to do with race it was about initiation into the occult, hitler wanted all the germans to be aryans, ..hahaha you stupid white supremacist always falling into jewish traps, you use the word aryan to describe nothern euro ppl, youre idiots.,,you get everything from hollywood movies.akhenaten was an aryan and obviously he was blk

Anonymous said...

Hitler handed the Inferiors their asses ROFL.

Anonymous said...

Hitler was right !!. Aryans are blonde hair, blue eyed, white people.

Homer's Illiad/Troy & Ramayana are the same event/story. This happens in South India by the Alexander Soldiers who stay behind.

Alexander soldiers comprised of macedonian greeks & germanic tribes.

Subsequent kings conquer south east asia & move to Japan. so the Samurai come from these blonde hair, blue eyed, white people.

Sarah said...

It would only be considered race mixing if the woman was white, and the man was Japanese.

Anonymous said...

But after Bruce Lee I've seen a lot white men with asian women as well