Friday, October 3, 2008

Poem from my freind- 14WhiteLady88

Britannia Calling

A thousand years of history
Steeped in legend and mystery,
The greatness of our British land
Forged by Celtic-Saxon hand!
A warrior race, so brave and strong,
So how on earth has it all gone wrong?
The powers of darkness, our deadliest foes,
Hold sway on our people as their poison grows.
For sixty years since the end of the war,
Millions of strangers have come to our shore.
Aided and abetted by political scum,
Who relish the British extinction to come!
As long as they crush all patriotic resistance,
They know that we'll be bred out of existence.
This world they are in the process of making
Will contain a mongrelised species, theirs for the taking!
The plan is world enslavement for their own greed
and wealth
And believe me they're winning through cunning
and stealth!
While our masters dull all of our senses,
The immigrants build up their defences.
Their numbers increase as our numbers wane,
Therefore, the greater foothold they gain.
We're deceived from above and assaulted within,
And acting like sheep we meekly give in.
Don't you feel a sense of anger and guilt
As another church falls and a new mosque is built?
What has happened to your sense of pride?
Has your racial kinship died?
I don't want to live in an alien state,
Filled with fear and ripe with hate!
Will you stand and do what's right,
Or cede your lands without a fight?
Can't you hear your nation's cry?
Do you want to see your heritage die?
English, Irish, Welsh and Scot,
Time to unite and stop the rot!
Wake up, hear Britannia's call
And prevent our Island Race from fall!
Soon there'll be no country left,
Of nationhood we'll be bereft.
Our western roots we must preserve,
Stand your ground and hold your nerve!
The time has come to brave the night
And lead our children to the light.
Fly your flags and raise your head,
And if need be your blood be shed.
A glorious future awaits our kin,
If you strive to fight and win!
Let's put an end to tyranny
And set the British people free.
God will bless our noble cause
As we reinstate our ancient laws.
Your roots stem from this sacred earth,
This land of ours that gave you birth.
Rally around the Union Jack,
Join and stand, not one step back!
End our nation's painful screams
And create the Britannia of our dreams!

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