Friday, October 3, 2008

Skinheads don't act White

skinheads wouldn't have lasted 5 min in the true Reich.

Germans grew hair, Woman had long hair. they only shaved their hair if they had Head Lice because there was no Shampoo and also Cancer. However Men went bald naturally with old age.

Hitler Youth were The German Boy Scouts they played sport and went camping. They didn't walk around and Fight, smoke, drink or drug dealing of any use of Drugs like Neo Nazis.

Hitler loved Animals but Neo Nazis have been reported Dog Fighting and Beating Animals as if they are Black.

We Should Act White.

Protect Woman
Protect Children
Protect Animals
Grow your Hair Long or have some White Hair Cut.


One who thinks. said...

I do not believe that you can say, with any honesty, that dog fighting and beating animals is a behavior of someone who is black, as you said in the phrase, "Dog Fighting and Beating Animals as if they are Black." I am quite certain that black people do not have any more tendency to show cruelty towards animals than white or any other color skinned people show. If you believe that different races are different species, and that hitler loved animals (other specieses), then hitler contradicted himself, and your blind praise of him is contradictory also. I hope you haven't put your real name on this blog, so that you can disconnect yourself from this romantic half-thought idiosy that fills these links. If you are white, you aren't joking about these "beliefs", and races really are set at different intelligences, then i now see the white race as one notch stupider, however, even as writing this i see the hoax, and still know that the white race is not universally defined at the same level you.

Anonymous said...

You are talking shit! You generalize everything.There IS skins who use drugs and all that,but Blood and Honor DO NOT support them.Ian Stuart R.I.P.!!! You think that you would be a 'true Reich man' with your long hair,huh? If you don't have balls to stand up and fight like skins does,you're nothing! And what you think,that you are 'Nordic' because you are blond :-) Vikings were destroying your land for many centuries and now what? You are the same as them? HA yes for sure! We all white people from Europe are Aryans and don't making the Nordic race better than others because they aren't. I'm Slavic,true Perun's son,and I,m proud of it. And you are pagan,right? Well,to what gods you pray?? Or what gods are you respecting? Odin,Thor?? You are NOT Viking! Thor's sons were burning your land.And finally,Hitler was NOT pagan,he believed in one god,in NATURE. And there was a law against swearing God I think so... At least you were stolen Viking religion,Odin was not your god and he will never be! But my ancestors were praying to Perun,Svarog,Svetovid,Morana and the others for centuries! And do not shit against skinheads,you gay supporting man! I love English race and nation,and culture and everything,but you are bullshitting so much sometimes! Blog is OK but this is shit. You should not generalize skinheads.

Dutch said...

I agree, neonazi skinheads are a joke, skinheads and punks no matter what their political believes are the same dumb group that we do not need.

In my land its the same, all punks and skins are nothing but junkies and the neonazi skins are the same as the rest of them, lazy stupid junks.

I am a White Nationalists and i hate skinheads.

Anonymous said...

Any type of undisciplined or self-indulgent behavior is ungermanic and unaryan and so the skinheads as well as most other so-called neonazis are not behaving as they should. If you drive around town like a jungle bunny, giving other drivers the finger, you are just a nigger in white skin. Of course tatoos are for savages and definitely should never defile white skin. And just to be totally frank any of the so-called white supremist music that sounds like rock and roll is just nigger filth. If you want to see and hear true Aryan youth, go on Youtube and search for Hitler Youth, then look listen and learn!

Anonymous said...

Nigers are subhuman they are untermeinschen, and niger means more than the african architech it is all sub-human races that are not aryan (white western humans) all jews(reguardless of nationalty) blacks, mexicunts are the main ones but anyone thats not aryan is a niger also any white that is a nigerlover is a niger. We still outnumber them if every man did his fair share we could de-nigerfi the country. Those who dont approve are nigers as well. The nigers are a group that we must neutralize one way or another weather it be extermination of forced steralization and use as a work force. Also we can not do it systematicly because that would be acknowledgeing them as a race of people which they are not it is proven that aryans (expecially Germans) have a much larger cranium capacity (larger brain smarter) than niger races we must do to them what we did to the bufflo hunt em all down shoot em and let em lay the only bufflo left are on farms or in zoos. Also we must neurtralize those weak in our society such as the criminal, the alcholac(non-functioning town drunk), the homeless, those who take welfare for more than 3 weeks (we must assume they arn't trying to find work and are robbing the public), those who do drugs(immidiate casteration for all illegal drugs), and those with psychotic mental problems because they are polluteing our gene pool(Bi-polar,manic,epalisy, low functioning autism) and the communist. America would be much better off without these people. Our older generations of leaders were retarted themselves giving rights to monkeys!

Anonymous said...

i can see where your perspective is coming from, but i have to partially disagree. first off, i have been a skinhead for well over a decade, so my experience is what may set me apart from the rest of these comments. i would like to point out that most skinheads are truly from the street. they see themselves as something beyond the ghetto mentality, or what society will define them as in general, like drunks, junkies, or even among some individuals/crews racists. they seek an identity, and a voice. they find that voice in music, comradeship and fashion. those threads of unification in the skinhead cult comes from fighting, from keeping up ones appearance, and working. working jobs like outside the office. the discipline of hard work, is only part of the character built with being a skin. standing ones ground, showing no fear, are his respect to himself and those whom he takes under his wing. he is a street fighter. staying in shape, learning martial arts, and other forms of combat are only what helps him in his journey.
it is true that drugs, alcohol, etc are a part of his world. the street is full of vice. many, including skins fall victim to these vices. part of building his character a skinhead should overcome these vices. however this is not always the case.
i believe the nazi party was partly formed in the beer halls of germany, which often included street fighting with communists and other political opposition. a natural environment for skinheads indeed. most skins are young as twelve. by the time they are in their mid twenties, most skins straighten out to become men or fall to vice. the have raised themselves, really, with only their comrades to support them along the way. a fascist party where masculinity, discipline, and combat is essential to the understanding of a greater vision, i would say skins fit the mold well.